Nektony Announces Update to Professional VSD Viewer for iPad and iPhone

VSD Viewer - Visio Drawings Viewer (AppStore Link)
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VSD Viewer - Visio Drawings Viewer
Developer: Sergiy Savenko
Price: $9.99 Download on the App Store

Nektony continue to provide regular updates to VSD Viewer - the popular app to open MS Visio documents on iOS devices. VSD Viewer 2.1 provides iPad and iPhone users with the ability to open and preview Microsoft Visio 2000 - 2010 drawings. VSD Viewer allows opening of Visio Drawings both on iPad and iPhone, from any application that handles the drawing. Users simply tap on the .vsd document icon on the screen and choose "Open In VSD Viewer" command.

VSD Viewer allows navigating of multi-page drawings, select and copy text and even has the ability to switch layers visibility in the document, as they are inherent in the primary VSD file. VSD Viewer supports general Microsoft Visio objects' formatting options: embedded text, fill styles, lines formatting, arrows, etc. User can also manage and organize VSD documents, using the built-in File Manger. Also it is possible to transfer drawings between device and computer, using iTunes File Sharing.

The latest version of VSD Viewer offers a number of improvements increasing the product's worth for professional utilization. Among them: password protection that will secure your data from unauthorized access to the app from a device itself. Also arrowed lines drawing improved, as well as general quality of the opened document. All that makes opened documents extremely close to the original.

VSD Viewer gives professionals the ability quickly and easily share and transfer Visio Drawings, being confident that recipient will be able to open the documents. VSD Viewer is a perfect choice for diversified teams. By using VSD Viewer anyone can easily communicate Visio drawings with other, empowering team collaboration capabilities.

VSD Viewer 2.1 is priced at $9.99 USD and is available worldwide exclusively through the ITunes in the Business category.

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