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Caricature Hyper Face Morph from photos, camera shots or Facebook (AppStore Link)
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Caricature Hyper Face Morph from photos, camera shots or Facebook
Developer: Digitalists Interactive Agency Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Digitalists IA Ltd has launched the Hyperfy Face 1.1.1 application, free for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPad) devices that creates caricatures from users' photos. The app automagically detects faces on the photos and then applies deformations to faces only. It is the only application that allows users to create caricatures with one tap.

Hyperfy Face takes a straightforward approach to manipulate user's photos. This approach comes from Digitalists' research into existing proposition of applications that do face deformations. All 20+ applications that do face manipulation require user's direct manipulation of photo. Hyperfy Face does everything automatically: it detects faces and applies caricature patterns with little user involvement.

Digitalists IA Ltd invited professional caricaturist to create patterns that are applied to faces. After screening out over 50 different variations, only 14 funniest ones were selected to be included in the final application release.

Typical Usage Pattern of Hyperfy Face:
* Choose photo from album, or take photo on camera
* App detects faces on photo
* User applies one of the pre-made templates and sees immediate result
* To enhance caricature effect user can apply a photo filter (like Toon or Sepia)
* Share with friends to Facebook, Twitter, email or save to albums on the device

"We have refined our face detection technology over the 2 months we have spent working on this application. We will be using this technology to launch new products for several platforms: Android and Facebook in addition to iOS. Next app already awaiting in the iTunes review queue is Russian Yourself," says Sergi Kolesnik, Digitalists' Managing Director.

Hyperfy Face 1.1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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  • Victor

    Very annoying app. At first I thought it is awesome as you can order caricatures, but then it all reduced to a stupid photo filter. Photolamus app is way better as you can order there hand-drawn caricature which is really smth worth paying for.