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Tarot Wheel
Developer: George McKibbin
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Tarot Wheel, being an iPhone App of whimsical yet action packed nature, has just been launched on the App Store. The app lets you spin a Tarot Card Wheel to find out all about the past, present and future of your love life and finances. The current free nature of the App is certainly temperamental and will end in a weeks time. It was developed by a young Australian upstart called George McKibbin based in Melbourne who is altogether too tall and handsome and who recently opened the glossy wooden doors of his ambitious new App Studio "Shiny Blur".

The App has an interesting affect on people in an age where it is a bit of a social faux pas not to outwardly exude conformance to atheist beliefs as exemplified below

Example 1:
A cute female programmer approaches the desk of her coworker to beg for the use of the Tarot Wheel app on his iPhone. She is desperate to know if there has been any change in the fate of her love life.

Example 2:
Calls of "That is SOOOO you! How does it know" and "That's creepy" are shouted and whispered in equal frequency as the Tarot Wheel app is passed around a table of mid to late 20 year olds. A sense of trepidation as the wheel deals out the first, second and then third cards. Looks of relief when they see that the 'Death' card they've been dealt isn't necessarily bad news.

The predictions are all based on research into the real occult tarot meanings. Don't fear the Tarot. Destiny Awaits!

"All you need to do is simply flick the wheel in a clock-wise fashion and await your destiny!"
- iTouchApps

"I must admit the results were so spot on it was scary! "
- S Dupree, iPhone Mum Blog

Tarot Wheel 1.0 is free for a limited time and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

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