With Barnyard Bluegrass Kids Can Listen, Sing-a-Long, or Make Their Own Music

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Barnyard Bluegrass
Developer: Whynoceros LLC
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Barnyard Bluegrass for iPhone

Delve deeper into the genre of Bluegrass music and make music of your own with Barnyard Bluegrass.

Are you tired of hearing the same torturous music from your child's favorite app? Barnyard Bluegrass, the new app from Whynoceros, is here to help. This lovable band of animated farm animals comes equipped with banjos, fiddles, basses, mandolins and guitars and they aren't afraid to use them. Offering seven complete songs — with accompanying read along lyrics — children can enjoy fantastic on-demand music using an interface simple enough for a toddler. Perhaps more importantly, parents may find themselves asking to turn the volume up, rather than down.

As if that wasn't enough, there are three other areas of the app where visitors can delve deeper into the genre and make music of their own. Users can select an instrument and play it using a simple one-finger controller, read about the instruments and hear samples, or head to the farmer's porch and jam with the entire band. Each area offers a different perspective on the music and gives young learners plenty of room to explore and create.

Tapping into children's existing love of song, Barnyard Bluegrass offers "yee-haw worthy" renditions of classics like Old MacDonald, Turkey in the Straw, and Hole in the Bucket.

For a more traditional taste of the style, there are several ageless bluegrass standards, namely: Pig in a Pen, Blue Railroad Train, Cluck Old Hen, and Nine Pound Hammer.

To bring this much loved genre to life, the developers called upon Astrograss, a fixture in both the New York City Bluegrass and Kids Music Scene, to perform and record just those tunes that would best connect to young users. All music was recorded and mixed at Inner Harbor Studios, NYC and was mastered specifically for Apple devices.

Early Reviews of Barnyard Bluegrass

"What more can I say? Barnyard Bluegrass is a must-download app." - Lunch Box Reviews

"I wasn't sure what to expect from Barnyard Bluegrass and I really like what I found. If you're looking for a musical app that breaks away from the piano then this app definitely deserves a look." - theiPhoneMom.com

Barnyard Bluegrass Demo Video

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