New MDI Certification Lets Mobile App Developers Quantify Practical Experience


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Until recently, the only way to earn an MDICD credential was to go through the entire training program. Now qualified developers can take a practical exam to obtain the certification.

The Information Technology industry thrives on certifications. For most technical positions within the business community, academic degrees from 4-year universities are less relevant than practical, hands-on skills that potential employees must possess to perform their work. Certifications such as the CNE, the MCSE, the CCIE, the CISSP, have been an indicator of professional achievement.

With the growing strength of the mobile software market, a certification is needed to demonstrate app-building skills using current technologies. The Mobile Development Institute Certified Developer (MDICD), a professional title issued by On The GoWARE, is gaining recognition as an indicator for developers in this field. 

On The GoWARE, a firm specializing in developing mobile applications for the enterprise corporate market, is one of only a few organizations that offer a complete mobile development certification program.

MDI offers certification programs in the three leading mobile platforms: Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), Google Android, and RIM BlackBerry. Their programs are designed to teach someone from beginning to proficiency, even if they have no programming experience at all. By the time a student has successfully completed the training they have designed, programmed, tested, and published a finished app into the market.

Until recently, the only way to earn an MDICD credential was to go through the entire training program. As the certification title grew in popularity, On The GoWARE began to receive numerous requests from experienced mobile app developers who wanted the title but did not need to take the coursework. The Mobile Development Institute has devised an ingenious way to make sure that developers know their stuff before issuing the MDICD credential.

According to Steven Uy, Vice President of Training Services for The Mobile Development Institute, “we needed a test to really make sure that a person has enough practical experience to earn the MDICD title, but not so brutal that it would be impossible to pass. The only real way to be sure is to watch over their shoulder, so-to-speak. It's a hands-on demonstration to an instructor that you've successfully designed, built, and published at least one mobile application.”

The MDI proctors verify the developer's experience by conducting a remote viewing session via the web. The examination process typically lasts approximately one hour, during which developers open their active app store developer account and show their application is currently published; demonstrate their development tools/SDK that were used to create the published application; browse through the source code and explain the major application modules; and answer questions that the exam proctor may have about the structure and approach of their application.

The exam proctor then requests that the developer makes a slight change to their application, and demonstrate the modification in a simulator. Based on their performance of these tasks, the proctor either awards a passing score, or advise them on areas they must improve upon before an MDICD credential can be awarded. The MDICD certification exam can be re-attempted an unlimited number of times, but the exam can only be taken once every 30 days.

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