New Dating App Lets Us Facebook Creep, but its Not Creepy

Pinch - Find compatible people who are interested in you (AppStore Link)
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Pinch - Find compatible people who are interested in you
Developer: Ice Breaker Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Pinch is the latest dating app from Ice Breaker LTD to turn your Facebook into a high-quality social dating pool. Singles can take control of their love lives with the app by using it as a simpler way to browse a friend's single connections and make a match. The improved design of the app is out today on iOS 7 with a focus on control and quality.

"I know so many great people that are frustrated by the current dating apps scene... they mistrust profiles of complete strangers or aren't impressed by limited profiles hand-delivered to them by other apps," said Micha Netanel, the creator of Pinch. "Pinch works because you have full access to a huge network, which helps break the ice."

Pinch's network is powered by your Facebook friends. The app gives you thousands of verified singles on one screen. With such a high volume of potential matches, singles can look through and create plenty of intriguing matches with the blessing of a friend. To create a match users simply "Pinch" two profiles together to initiate a compatibility game.

Pinch gives singles a series of private questions to answer once a "Pinch" has been initiated. Together users discover their similarities and differences to reveal a compatibility score. This subtle ice breaker is designed to give users an easy way to start a flirtatious, private conversation.

About Pinch:
Pinch is the leading mobile dating app for quality matchmaking through your social life. The iOS app accesses a user's Facebook profile to give them access to thousands of single people within their network of friends.

Pinch 2.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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  • Amanda Wall

    I found this website which connects u with other singles on facebook. It works on simple concept. Create profile using facebook - browse others profiles - select the one you like - check out his or her facebook profile and connect on facebook for further talks. Check it out