New iOS Game Release Magic Shapes 1.0 for iPhone

Magic Shapes (AppStore Link)
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Magic Shapes
Developer: Tharle Games Private Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

Tharle Games announces the release of their most anticipated game called, Magic Shapes 1.0, for iPhone and iPad devices. Right from the release, its gaining more popularity and higher downloads. Magic Shapes can be called another version of Animal Shift, released recently by Tharle games, It is popular among kids, as it's fun and funny to play.

Magic Shapes are amazingly fun learning and delightful game. Drag shapes from bottom white row into matching empty shapes in any of the top coloured rows. Complete the rows within time to keep moving ahead in the game. You can even discard any of shapes and can get new ones with some points decreased. Enjoy the fun filled game and let others know about this relaxing game.

Two modes:
* Easy - Need to fill all shapes in all rows before time ends
* Expert - This is tough. As each row has its own time, need to finish each row without starvation of time

Shape matching games had always been basic education for kids and every mom and dad had loved these kinda games for their kids, as time goes kids become bit of smarty. So, Magic shapes is kinda of a challenge to kids and even grown up's to play. Check out our game-play videos on you-tube channel "GamesAtTharle" or join us on our social media Facebook and twitter (Links are below). Let us know what you thing of the game on our social media.

Magic Shapes 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store for iPhone in the Games category. A free HD version for iPad is also coming soon.

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