New iPad App Helps Children Cope With Internal Bullies

Monkeys In My Head (AppStore Link)
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Monkeys In My Head
Developer: Paperplane Pilots Pte Ltd
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Paperplane Pilots Pte Ltd, developers of innovative and original iPhone and iPad story apps, today announced the release of the interactive story, Monkeys in My Head 1.1 for iPad. This announcement follows months of story development, hand illustration, and code.

Monkeys in My Head was written and designed for children age four and up, with a message that is equally relevant to parents and adults. The story's creators have imaginatively personified the self-doubt and fear that holds everyone back from happiness and success. Young readers will particularly appreciate the lively illustrations, simple navigation with large child-sized buttons, and young Pirouette herself narrating the app's read-aloud option. Readers may turn music and sound effects on or off. Designed for optimal reading on the iPad, the app provides a quick page navigation storyboard view and thumbnails to quickly jump to a favorite scene. A modern music mash-up melds drum 'n bass, beatbox, swing, and other unconventional background tracks.

"We're excited to launch Monkeys in My Head to help young children cope with a different - yet debilitating - form of bullying," states Christine Lim, co-founder and author. "By realizing her own strength over negative thoughts, our heroine - and our young reader - gains coping skills that may be carried forth throughout life."

The tale centers on a little girl named Pirouette and a crowd of bothersome, noisy monkeys in her head who mock Pirouette with comments like: "you can't do anything", "it's all your fault", and "nobody likes you". Pirouette's solution begins when she confines the monkeys in a glass cage. As the story concludes and Pirouette's mind is free of bullying thoughts, she wonders why she was afraid of them in the first place.

"Prior to app store submission, the user experience was refined and tuned multiple times," explained Corey Manders, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. "In this app, the first to be released by Paperplane, we've leveraged the technology currently available in the iOS SDK to make the experience enjoyable and natural. Developing an interactive storybook combining the touchscreen experience on the iPad with interactive creative story-telling has been a deeply rewarding and enriching experience."

Monkeys in My Head 1.1 is only $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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