New iPad app Zoo Champs - Sports Guide for Kids Launches today

Zoo Champs - sports guide for kids (AppStore Link)
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Zoo Champs - sports guide for kids
Developer: Bookva Press OU
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Can a sailboat go faster than the wind? Can hippos swim? Where does the name for soccer come from? Can the world's fastest person outrun an ostrich? Team up with world's cutest and fastest animals to find answers to these and many other questions in the new iPad app, Zoo Champs - Sports Guide For Kids.

A dream team of favourites from hippos to lions offers your child beautiful snapshots of this summer's big sports - from archery to wrestling. Designed as an app-book, each page features a different discipline and includes simple animations and engaging sound effects complemented by texts with clear narration. A tap on every page opens an in-depth read-only section full of fun facts and quizzes with rub-to-reveal answers.

In over 30 pages kids will find all the sports kids know and love like running, cycling and swimming. They'll also discover lesser known events like archery, judo, and synchronized swimming.

Julia Karmo, one of app's creators, says, "We got the idea for the app from the kids who often ask us questions about sports that we wouldn't have answers to. There are lots of guidebooks out there, but many of them are very detailed or cater to the lovers of a certain sport. We decided to create an app that's a perfect companion for a curious child who may be watching sports on TV this summer. It is filled with trivia, history and terminology explained and channels enthusiasm for every sport."

The art for Zoo Champs - Sports Guide for Kids was created by Rasa Joni, a young artist and animator based in Vilnius. Rasa has worked on several children's books for Swedish, South Korean, and Lithuanian publishers and is involved in educational projects for children.

Zoo Champs - Sports Guide for Kids 1.0 is available at an introductory price of just $.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category (please search for Zoo Champs).

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