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Developer: Together Learning Media, Inc.
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Astroloquiz is a new app produced by award-winning app creator, Dave Wingler of Together Learning Media Inc. The app helps generate serious discussion of individual personalities and encourages social development in children. Astroloquiz is designed to help promote discussion of personality differences while teaching personality adjectives. Ingeniously promoting literacy, Astroloquiz piques the minds of young learners and breaks down barriers to learning mundane vocabulary.

The content present in Astroloquiz is mapped directly to Common Core State Standards for reading and writing and can be used for discussion, writing and research. The app though, is equally entertaining in settings outside of education.

There is a strong educational benefit from this app that can also be called edutainment at its best. By taking the 12 signs of the zodiac and using them as the basis for creating thought and discussion about personality types, it is a win-win for literacy advocates and those wishing to bring discussions about personal actions and repercussions in schools grappling with issues from bullying to literacy.

Children aged 10-16 are encouraged to think about their own personality and their reactions to everyday situations that help to discover what they are made of. Dave Wingler, Product Manager and Director of Together Learning Media says the app was designed to clearly illustrate how people engage and interact with each other. "Making these observations and reflecting on them is a highly important skill for social development early on in life. Astroloquiz, though not a conventional topic in education, is relevant to the interest of young learners and provides an ideal catalyst for engaging discussions with empathy at its core. As an educator, myself, I can say teaching material that is relevant to my students' interest goes a long way in the classroom."

Available for iPad, Astroloquiz is currently use in over 20 countries since its release. As well as providing opportunity to discuss 48 unique situations, the app also provides over 90 definitions for personality types, making the app an important one in developing language skills. 8 professional voice-over actors, with cartoon and major commercial experience, have been utilized to give a voice to the many definitions and personalities found in this app. Familiar voices bringing characters to life, makes for an incredibly engaging experience.

Teachers or parents ultimately have the final say in how much Astrology is actually focused on. The quiz embraces a collaborative ethos where it is more fun to play, learn and discuss together than it is alone.

Astroloquiz 1.3 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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