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Lotto Dice Roller (AppStore Link)
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Lotto Dice Roller
Developer: Gerardo Iula
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Simiula, an up and coming iOS App Developer, has released its new iOS real life 3D motion tracking App for an interactive dice game called Lotto Dice Roller. 3D imaging know-how was supplied by UK Tech Company, Imagination Technology.

Lotto Dice Roller is a lucky random number selector for lotteries 6 from 49. It uses a set of dice designed to give you a balanced run of numbers, taking into account high and low numbers, and odd and even numbers. The App dice mechanics and the random formulae is crafted with the collaboration of Mr. Frederick Stehr of the well known site Lucky Lotto Dice specialising in Lotto information.

This App is more than just a lucky dip of random lotto numbers. By throwing 6 of the 10 special dice, the numbers are spread over the range of 49 drawn numbers so increasing the likelihood of a winning match. Give the 6 dice a few goes and see just how close you come to matching winning draws.

To use this fun and interactive App simply shake your device to roll the lucky dice or simply press the Roll Dice button. The high performance graphics give the look and feel of real life dice. After all of the dice have stopped, your lucky numbers are revealed! The numbers are called out by an English speaker. Then you can share your lucky numbers with your friends and family through numerous social media channels using the iOS6 sharing panel such as Twitter, Facebook, Email, Message and even print. Download now to start winning!

For a limited time, Lotto Dice Roller 1.0 is free of charge (Reg $0.99 USD) September 23th-24th, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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  • f.stehr

    Fantastic novel way to get your lotto numbers and it is great fun to do!