New on the App Store from Mr. Moo: iPhone Word Game, Worzled

Worzled (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Forster-Davies I.T. Consulting Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store
A game-induced state of happy confusion. Symptoms include failure to account for the recent passing of time. Thought to be induced by prolonged exposure to the iPhone app of the same name.

Incredibly addictive, Worzled is a remarkable new word game available on the App Store right now, for only $1.99.

Slide the tiles up, down, left and right to rearrange the letters into words. Longer words get higher scores. Gold tiles higher than silver; silver tiles higher than bronze. Multiple words can be submitted in one go to achieve a higher score.

As the level progresses, the tiles disappear. The only thing that is constant is the target score for that level. If the player panics and can't finish the level they can reach for the panic button, which will reset some of the tiles giving the player another chance to reach the target.

If panicking doesn't work… they will end up Worzled. There's a button for that too which resets the level.

Worzled Features over 40 levels increasing in difficulty with no time limits so users can play at own pace. The word game also includes Game Center integration and bonuses that reward tactical gameplay.

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