New Track Activities App Boosts Productivity and Eliminates Wasted Time

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Track Activities
Developer: Md. Mahmud Ahsan
Price: free Download on the App Store

iThinkdiff releases Track Activities, a new app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch which helps users quickly track how much time they spend on various tasks. Users can then analyze their history, export records to a spreadsheet, or share activity information on Facebook and Twitter.

Users who need to track their time to get more done, or to record every minute of activity so they can bill for it, will find Track Activities especially appealing. Its simple interface lets users quickly start a timer, stop it, and enter a description for each task.

Track Activities lets the user access his completed activities list in several formats. Inside the app, the user can access the complete list of activities, including its start time, completion time, and number of hours, minutes, and seconds worked.

Users who want to analyze the data or create billing reports can export the activities list to a Comma-Separated Values (.CSV) report compatible with all spreadsheets. Track Activities will even email the report directly to the user.

Other useful features include:
* Tracks an unlimited number of activities each day using a simple timer
* Keeps track of activities in the background so users can still use their device for other tasks
* Users can post activity information to Twitter and Facebook with just two taps, letting them share their accomplishments with their friends

Track Activities doesn't include any unnecessary features which get in the way of tracking time, making it ideal for anyone who wants to start tracking their productivity.

Track Activities 1.2 is freely available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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