New visual social network Flobe!t shares emotions within 360 seconds

Flobeit - When you feel it (AppStore Link)
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Flobeit - When you feel it
Developer: Flobe!t Srl
Price: free Download on the App Store

Flobe!t is a photo-sharing free App that helps people to share emotions with anyone and receive an affirmation within a timespan of 360 seconds.

According to Giovanni, "Flobe!t is like having Instagram and Whatsapp in one, specifically designed for you and your friends live emotions. We designed a very simple and user friendly free iPhone app to help you share your emotions visually."

When an emotion is felt, users just simply capture it "live" and share it either with the whole World or with users located on the map.

People experiencing the same emotion could then reply to the senders by [re]snapping (sending back a picture) in real time. They will thereby engage in an eye-catching conversation with immediacy.

Watch out though, because there are 360 seconds of posting time that are reset after each [re]snap received.

At the end of the 360 seconds, the conversation will be automatically saved onto users's "My Diary" along with all its visual responses, but not longer visible and answerable by anyone. Immediacy allows the relationship to remain authentic and genuine.

"Everything started from an emotion I felt while looking at an old picture I took in Greece years ago. I felt nostalgia; a desire to be there right now. Then I asked myself why I had never been supplied with a social network that enabled me to be in a place I loved in the very instant I'd think about it. That's when Flobe!t was born." - Giovanni Giro, founder of Flobe!t

In the words of its founder, "Flobe!t is what happens when social posting networks grow up, moving from online impressions to real-life action. So stop just posting photos and start sharing feelings. Stop just liking and start [re]snapping. When you feel it, Flobe!t"

Other features
* Flobe!t is a free App
* Users must be at least 18 years old to download this app
* As any app that involves photos and sharing, Flobe!t includes several safety mechanisms (i.e block user button, banned hashtag)
* Flobe!t does not let users choose a photo from their phone camera roll to send out. They have to take the picture themself at the same time they use the app
* Photos taken or received within the app are not saved to a phone's camera roll
* Users may subscribe (following) and un-subscribe (unfollowing) to other users' Flobe!t
* Flobe!t is available for download on the App Store. Version for Android will come in earlier 2014

Flobe!t - When you feel it 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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  • Ryan Salvino

    Do you feel that too many new apps try to force people to adopt different action words? For example in the Flobe It description 'resnap' from 'like'...