Newly launched Quizpics heading for the same success as 4 pics 1 word

Quizpics – The latest Quiz Picture craze (AppStore Link)
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Quizpics – The latest Quiz Picture craze
Developer: 2TANGO PTY LTD
Price: free Download on the App Store

With a fun cartoon theme that's consistent across the whole game, from the clever individually hand drawn illustrations, to the carnival like musical score which plays in the background, Quizpics ensures a frustratingly addictive and fun user experience for those of all ages that love to put their thinking caps on and enjoy a good challenge.

Quizpics is a clever combination of the most downloaded and top ranked guessing games to hit the app market, but with a twist. Think Logo quiz, 4 pics 1 Word and Icon pop Quiz all rolled in to one.

The object of the game is to match a popular brand, phrase, musical artist or celebrity (Depending on the category) to a cleverly drawn illustration, and for an added element of angst and fun, the user is pitted against a bonus timer to earn extra points.

The pictures range from easy to hard and draw inspiration from the popular rebus puzzles. "Whilst fun, the limitation with rebus puzzles is that they're restricted to phrases. We love playing these kinds of games but we thought we'd love them more if we could relate to them on another level by including popular brands, celebritities and movies, which are a part of our culture" notes Jason Roses (one of the creators) on how Quizpics came to fruition.

After a 6 month search process looking for the top cartoon illustrators from around the world, they found the perfect one and the results speak for themself. "We've hired one of the most sought after and talented cartoon illustrators in the world to hand draw loads of fun cartoon picture puzzles across a range of popular and addictive categories and this is what seperates Quizpics from the rest of the pack" comments Layton Mills, one of the creators.

Additionally, the app is sensibly functional. It's easy to navigate and gets straight to the point. The gameplay is quick and smooth and there's a pleasant musical score that adds another element to enhance the users experience.

The most interesting added feature is the bonus clock. If the player is able to solve the quizpic before the bonus clock runs out, they are rewarded with more coins. This simple but clever element, adds another dimension to the game that seperates it from other trivia games.

"We wanted to bring the "fun" that we felt was missing from many of the trivia games on the market. Personally we love this category but we felt that there needed to be a combination of fun aswell as challenge. The way we decided to do that, was through the colourful user interface, the musical sound effects and features, the bonsus clock and most importantly the illustrations. Ultimately we think quizpics is a great addition to the trivia/puzzle category and really puts a twist on some old favourites which have become a bit stale"

Quizpics is the newest guessing game to hit the iPhone market but adds a level of quality and likeability to the category that hasn't been seen before. It's a combination of a beautiful user interface, addictive fun, great illustrations and a real trivial challenge for the mind that really gets the brain thinking.

Quizpics 2.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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