News Republic Releases Its Popular News App for iPhone, Android in Germany


News Republic, a free personalized news app, is ready to enter the German market after its success story in the U.S. and other European countries. News Republic is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets but also Blackberry, Nokia and others, allowing all users to access their favourite personalised news app on their portable device.

"The frequency and sheer amount of news has continually grown within the past years. It has become harder and harder to enjoy news without having to select from a gigantic mass of news in advance. News Republic offers a completely innovative news experience that allows users to get only the news they are interested in. The compatibility with all devices provides instant access to all news, to all users, everywhere at any time", says Stefan Lange, Regional Director of Mobiles Republic.

Users can choose their favourite topics and build personal channels with no limitations. Interested in the hottest news from the Berlin capital? Just enter "Berlin" and the news is being delivered immediately to the app. The tech savvy will read up-to-the-minute info about video games, smart phones, software or hardware, but also the reader with interest in the rich and famous will not miss out. The TagNav system supports reader orientation by highlighting keywords and streamlines the flow of information.

The app filters hundreds of media outlets for individually relevant information and brings a 360-degree perspective on each and every topic. News Republic will also list related topics in a tag cloud for further reading. News or articles can be shared immediately via email, Facebook and Twitter within a click.

News Republic, with its 2 million downloads in less than a year, is regularly ranked among the "Top 10" as the best news app in the App Store and in the Android Market.

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