Nicholas Stratigopoulos launches 2nd educational app, Basketball PE

Basketball PE (AppStore Link)
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Basketball PE
Developer: Nicholas Stratigopoulos
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Well, there is good news for all iPhone/iPod and iPad users! Nicholas Stratigopoulos is delighted to announce the release of Basketball PE, an enthralling app that aspires at providing games and activities to create an enthusiasm for all age groups.

Basketball PE embraces tools that are not only important for health and physical education teachers, but also for camp counsellors, activity specialists, animators, day-camp-employees and coaches. Mainly, the app is designed for any person who is a fan of the sport of basketball with the goal of keeping children active.

In the application, the activities and games are divided according to 4 fundamental skills of basketball: defence, shooting, passing and ball handling. One can find the description of the tools, variations and progressions, rules for playing, explanatory diagrams and learning/verbal suggestions.

Basketball PE, a highly entertaining artistic iPhone/iPod/iPad app, comprises significant features such as including more than 100 activities and games that can be taught, used, and played with children. The activities and games are arranged alphabetically and by its related category, so you can easily and quickly find a particular game or actvity. It also features QR Code demonstrations that present the basics of basketball like chest pass, bounce pass, jump shot, set shot, and some drills that make the app very special.

To read any QR codes, double tap the required code, choose print and then click detect. What makes the app even more knowledgeable are the interactive quizzes that help in testing the knowledge of a student. It can also be used by the practitioners and teaching professionals to enhance their own quizzes and tests. Much like his previous application, TGfU Games PE, Basketball PE is such amazing and interactive experience that can easily attract the curiosity of children and encourage them to be active.

Highlights of Basketball PE:
* Beautifully designed education/sports app that can appeal to students of all ages.
* Alphabetically and categorically arranged games and activities
* Consists of more than 100 games
* Built-in QR code reader, no need to buy a QR reader
* Visual explanations for learning basketball
* A good quiz centre to test your knowledge

Basketball PE 1.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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