Now Free! Tiny Crasher 2 - War at the Super Hero Temple

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Indie Developers, TLC Productions (aka GR8iPhoneGames) and DND Arts today are thrilled to announce the release of Tiny Crasher 2 - War at the Super Hero Temple for IOS. This exciting game is now FREE! Tiny Crasher 2 is a highly unique and very original game as it combines the old fashioned 8-bit video arcade game style with a very modern sci-fi twist. Tiny Crasher 2 is based on an original comic book and that book is actually included in the app. The comic book gives the player the history as to who the Tiny Crashers are and what your objective is in the game. This game is very fast paced, fun and of course - highly addictive!

Tiny Crashers are aliens equipped with enormous arsenals - ranging from rockets to missiles to nukes to grenades to napalm and fireballs - just to name a few. And they are attacking the planet inhabited by the Heroes who have 'superhuman' powers! So the war is on between the Tiny Crashers and the Heroes. But who are the Heroes really? They are very recognizable characters from TV shows, movies, comic books and games. You will be surprised, amazed and wowed when you see and recognize the Heroes that the Tiny Crashers are destined to destroy!

This game will keep you engaged for hours and the longer you play - the more weapons you will have at your disposal to combat the Heroes! The characters are detailed, colorful and the game play is easy to master - well almost easy! In fact, the game is also very reminiscent of the video arcade game style.

Tiny Crasher 2 is FREE to download and the players first access is to the Destroyer Balls which is the Tiny Crasher's main weapon. But these Destroyer Balls can be optioned to be on fire, explode or even split into three more balls for more destructive power. And if that isn't enough there are -

* 12 Arsenals to choose from and each arsenal contains a wide array of weapons
* 40 Super Heroes that must be destroyed to gain control of the planet
* 30 Mission Levels to complete and improve your military ranking
* An original Comic Book detailing the history of the Tiny Crashers
* 6 Leader Boards to keep track of who is the best Tiny Crasher in the universe
* 10 Achievements to challenge your 'Crashing' friends

Tiny Crasher 2 - War at the Hero Temple is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The game is now Free!

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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