Now You Can Create a Budget And Stick To It Using An iPhone App

Budgets - Expense Tracker (AppStore Link)
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Budgets - Expense Tracker
Developer: Corbenic Consulting Ltd
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As high inflation continues to tighten its grip on personal finances, Corbenic Consulting has come to the rescue by adding a new iPhone App to their personal finance range. 'My Budgets - Expense Tracker' follows previous Corbenic Consulting finance apps such as the 'Spending Log' App, which was recently featured in the Sunday Times App list for a second year. 

Create Budgets and Track Progress

Unlike 'Spending Log' however the new 'My Budgets - Expense Tracker' App is all about setting budgets and keeping to them rather than analysing your spending habits. A user just needs to create as many budgets as they need for things like 'Eating Out' and 'Clothes' and then log their purchases against each budget as they are made. The Budgets can operate over a week, a month or any other time period the user decides. Progress can be tracked using the Apps graphical 'Filled Tubes Display' which shows how much of each budget has been used up so far.

Filled Tubes Display

The Filled Tubes Display shows the user how much of each individual budget they have spent so far. There is also a Total Tube showing how the expenditure is split amongst the individual budgets. So that progress can be tracked over the budgets time period the App also features a time indicator against which the tubes can be compared ; This shows whether it is time to reign in that spending in order to keep within Budget.

With 'My Budgets - Expense Tracker' people can easily create a Budget and stick to it. My Budgets - Expense Tracker 1.0 is available now worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.

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