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NumberOne Brain
Developer: Neotko Studios S.L.
Price: free Download on the App Store

NumberOne update 1.5 for iOS and Android brings 3 new modes to the game, six in total and now it's Free on iOS and Android systems. NumberOne defy our concentration on a fast placed, yet simple premise. We show you a number, and you need to find it as fast as you can. Every time you press the correct one we will show you a new arrange of numbers and the better you are, the harder it will be.

Players are presented with a numbered tile and have to find the correct one among the ones offered, focusing their attention in the number without being confused by colors, tilts or vibrations. If we fail, time will be deduced from our clock, but as we sum correct tiles we can sum more time to our game, giving us the opportunity to make a better score. Once the time has run out, we can see our score and average response time, best time, number of errors. Players can challenge family and friends, thanks to the integration of the game with Twitter and Facebook.

The New Update 1.5 includes:
- Three New Modes
- Enigma Easy - Chaos Easy - Chaos
- New background music for Chaos Modes
- If you can't unlock a mode tap over it for more info
- Ready for iPhone 5

The app features a Premium option to unlock the modes for the user, but every level can be unlocked, if you train your brain.

NumberOne Brain 1.5 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. It is also available on Google Play.

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