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Developer: infiniteNIL, LLC.
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infiniteNIL Software today is pleased to announce Numerology and Numerology Lite 1.10 for iOS, which add support for importing and exporting their documents allowing customers to transfer their data between devices and apps.

Numerology is an app for practicing the ancient science of numerology, which is similar to astrology, except with numbers derived from a person's name and birthdate.

Numerology for iOS supports exporting its data to Dropbox or via email. The app can then import that data from Dropbox or by the user opening the exported document in their email. Numerology for iOS also supports automatically importing data from Numerology Lite when the user installs the full version of the app.

"One customer told me they had over 100 profiles in the iOS app", said Rod Schmidt, founder of infiniteNIL. "They had bought a new iPhone and had no way to get those profiles from the old device to the new device. The new import/export features are for those customers."

Feature Highlights:
* Use the science of numerology to gain insight into yourself and others
* For numerologists, quickly calculate charts of numbers and generate reports to present to clients
* Import and export your data to transfer between devices
* Entertain groups at parties and help people get to know each other
* See what the upcoming day, month, and year have in store
* Share insights with others by emailing reports and sharing on Twitter or Facebook
* Quickly import profiles from your Contacts or Facebook

Numerology 1.10 is $5.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. Numerology Lite, limited to 2 profiles, is available for free.

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