NuOxygen releases Runaway Alice for iOS - Free, Fantastic Endless Runner

Runaway Alice : Journey in Wonderland (AppStore Link)
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Runaway Alice : Journey in Wonderland
Developer: NuOxygen s.r.l.
Price: free Download on the App Store

NuOxygen today is thrilled to announce the release of Runaway Alice 2.3.1 for iOS. Runaway Alice is not just another running game, it's a journey in the world of Alice in Wonderland, with funny characters, a great adventure while running in a fantastic scenario made of giant flowers, castles and secret rooms. Runaway Alice is the only original game of its kind where you will get to fight the Queen of Hearts in 3D, with simple gestures of your fingers. Available for iOS right now and climbing the charts worldwide.

Runaway Alice comes with some major twists that make the game a much more entertaining and fun experience in many ways. The goal of the game is collecting coins and other power-ups on the path ahead while avoiding a series of obstacles like actual trees, rocks, wooden barricades, tunnels and more. You'll be able swipe your finger left or right on the screen to make Alice switch between one of the three vertical tracks, but you'll always keep moving forward. There are more characters to choose from, and many game scenarios, from fantasy open spaces , caves , the Castle of the Queen of hearts, and secret rooms.

Runaway Alice Features:
* Colorful 3D graphics
* Superpowers featuring classical elements
* Use Protective Shield
* Destroy Barriers
* Powerful Twister
* Bunny Jumper feature
* Attack Mode!
* Accelerate running speed
* Challenge and help your friends
* 3D Fight with your enemies
* Universal App with upcoming updates

Adding variety to the formula are power-ups that can be collected to improve your score. There are the classic power-ups that can be seen in endless runners games and here there is also the famous Alice in Wonderland Bunny that can be ridden. The main difference that makes this game one of its kind, is a 3D fighting stage that you will reach once you get the right bonus and activate the fighting mode. Choose your right weapon, run fast, avoid obstacles and funny enemies, and remember that the Queen of Heart is always chasing you.

Runaway Alice 2.3.1 is Free with in-app purchases and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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