NxtApp Math Game Goes Universal With an HD Update


NxtApp, the popular math number-sequencing game originally released for iPhone and iPod touch, has been re-designed to run in HD on the iPad. The iPhone and iPod touch version of NxtApp was released seven months ago and topped the charts in the educational games category of App Stores worldwide in July.

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Developer: ICON, LLC
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Described by the Washington Post NxtApp as "the perfect app for mental math," NxtApp exercises the brain while letting players have lots of fun with numbers. Now with a single purchase, players of this popular app can experience it natively on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The universal update is free for those players who previously downloaded the app.

"We are really excited to release the latest update of the now universal NxtApp," said senior member of NxtApp development team. "This will allow gamers to really enhance their experience on the iPad. The fact that NxtApp topped the charts of Apple's App store in the US, UK, France, Netherlands proves that the love of math spans across boundaries of language and culture."

NxtApp Gameplay Video

Developed universally for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, NxtApp is a fun and addictive way to increase gamer's IQ, strengthen his/her insight, focus the scanning skills, improve pattern recognition and refresh years of math lessons. NxtApp is also a great way to sharpen the player's mental math skills in a game mode that is addictive and competitive as the players vie to reach the top of NxtApp's global leaderboards.

NxtApp has a high replay value since each time NxtApp starts, the gamer will find a new set of sequences. The more sequences solved correctly, the more challenging the sets become. NxtApp allows players to start with any category, sans restrictions, meaning you don't have to successfully solve one level before proceeding to the next.

Senior member of NxtApp development team adds "We felt compelled with this update to capture the ubiquity of the iPad in both home and school. And, the good news to our dear fans who already purchased NxtApp is that they can download the update for free."

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