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Nyan Cat Adventure Lite
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21st Street Games released the official Nyan Cat Adventure game soundtrack on iTunes today, featuring original music inspired by the beloved Nyan Cat meme embraced by the internet community. The soundtrack is now available on iTunes, and will be available through Amazon, Rhapsody, and Spotify soon.

The Nyan Cat Adventure Soundtrack includes two unreleased tracks that were not included in the iOS or XBLIG games, and all original music from the game.

Track Listing:
- Main Nyanu Theme
- Nyan-Bit
- Nyantendo Approved
- Nyantense
- Taking Over the Nyaniverse
- Afternyan Delight (Soundtrack exclusive)
- MEGANYAN (Soundtrack exclusive)

Nyan Cat Adventure is a nonstop side-scrolling platformer in which players guide Nyan Cat and friends along a rainbow filled path filled with a variety of fun and addictive challenges to jump, fly, flip and shoot past on your way to a high score. Nyan Cat Adventure has been a top-selling Xbox Live Indie Game since it's release this past December. The game was released by 21st Street Games, makers of the top-rated and top-downloaded Xbox and iOS game Techno Kitten Adventure.

Nyan Cat Adventure is available as both a Free Lite App and a Paid Premium App, which unlocks all the features, characters and modes for $.99. Nyan Cat Adventure is also available on Xbox Live Indie Games. Nyan Cat became an internet phenomenon in April 2011, with the original video amassing over 68 million views on YouTube. Nyan Cat has been named one of the Most Influential Internet Cats of 2011 by Buzzfeed and one of the top Social Media Moments of 2011 by Mashable. Nyan Cat Adventure is officially licensed from the character's creator, Chris Torres, making it one of the first licensed internet memes.

The Nyan Cat Adventure Soundtrack is $6.93 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) or $0.99 for each individual track. The Nyan Cat Adventure game 1.0 is only $0.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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