O2Jam Hero: Pave your way to the world of music

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O2Jam Hero
Developer: GameZen, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

GameZen are happy to announce the release of the new game titled "O2Jam Hero". This MMO game was developed from GameZen and co-serviced with Momo Corp. O2Jam Hero: Pave your way to the world of music and do music battle with other players in this free MMO game for iOS.

O2Jam Hero is a massive multiplayer online game where users can play many different types of musical instruments and level-up through various missions with musical pieces.
Then form your own Crew with friends and cooperate to deal with a rival, and win in music battle with other users online.

Unlike other MMO games like mafia related war contents which are favored to specific type of gamers, O2Jam Hero appeals to general users in wider range with lovable characters and colorful designs which are used from the well-known storytelling contents of "O2Jam" brand. Aside from this basics for MMO games features, there are a number of others which make the app stand out of the crowd. For example, a Spy-Fan can be sent to the chosen players to gather rival's information or ruin rival's best instrument. Thus users have broader opportunities to strategize and succeed in the vicious O2Jam Hero world. Another unique feature is the Blacklist which allows users to add stronger rival band that they couldn't win and place them into this list and pay to those who can outrun them.

Developers keep this title to be enjoyable to all types of users out there and promising an even broader range of new features to come out soon.

O2Jam Hero 1.0 is available for free worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.

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