OldBooth App Releases Update for iOS7 and Provides Two Week Free

OldBooth (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Piotr Bialkowski
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The creators of the 'OldBooth' app have recently announced that their successful update for iOS7 is to be the best yet. OldBooth creators, GetApp, told of how they were struggling to create the best version of the application for new Apple updates, the most recent of which is iOS7. The app, which gives modern photos taken on an electronic or 'smart' device a vintage twist, has been a worldwide success topping the ranking charts.

A spokesperson from the GetApp company said: 'Creating an update for OldBooth to contend with iOS7 was a challenge, but the recent update to version 7.2 has given us new success.' The spokesperson then went on to say 'The newest version of OldBooth is easier, faster, and better in every aspect.'

The Good Web Guide described the OldBooth app as 'A bargain at 99c' and claimed that the app provides laughter to those who want to appreciate their golden years.

The app will return to the standard price of 99 cents following the two week free period so buyers are being encouraged by the company to keep checking in with the OldBooth application and download when the initial charge has been waved.

However, despite the app currently costing the sum of 99 cents to download and use, it will soon allow users the opportunity to download and enjoy the app for free. GetApp recently announced that their OldBooth app is to be free to download for a two week period only.

A second spokesperson for GetApp said 'the new version of OldBooth will include updated features such as new photo packs to choose from, making the app widely appealing to all ages, and providing more hilarious twists on your favourite photos. It's simply fun for the whole family to enjoy.'

OldBooth 7.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. The app will return to the standard price of 99 cents following the two week free period.

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