Swapsies Adds Two New Characters for Preschool Players

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Swapsies Jobs
Developer: Spinlight Studio
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One year and five titles after their first app release, Spinlight Studio today is pleased to announce a major update of the game that started it all. Swapsies 2.0 — a plus app built for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch — features two new occupations and a whole lot of extra fun.

Pilot and baker have now officially been added to the original lineup of occupations, joining a police officer, firefighter, astronaut and five other jobs that fascinate little learners. Just like the original game, players can customize their character, and switch hats, shirts and pants to create everything from a doctor to a "Pi-ranch-onaut." But now, every real-world match unlocks a fun activity, adding a whole new dimension for adventurous tots, whether they're flying a plane, sorting cookies or putting cattle back in their pen.

In addition to the new characters and activities, Swapsies has also been expanded with a whole new quiz feature with bonus rounds designed to keep kids engaged while developing their empirical learning skills. Perfect for tots and preschoolers, Swapsies 2.0 features:

- 10 different occupations and a fun activity for each occupation
- Six customizable characters (three girls/three boys)
- An interactive quiz mode with bonus round questions
- Reward sounds to create positive re-enforcement and encouragement

The new update also has retina screen support for iPhone and iPod touch and large buttons perfect for small fingers. Swapsies 2.0 is available now worldwide as a plus app in the iTunes App Store in the Education category.

via PR Mac

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