Oneroof Energy Unveils Mobile Monitoring App

mORE Power - Solar Panels Monitoring App (AppStore Link)
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mORE Power - Solar Panels Monitoring App
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OneRoof Energy, a complete provider of solar services, has announced the release of mORE Power, a new mobile application available for customers to remotely monitor their solar system's production in real time. Building on the success of SunOpps - OneRoof Energy's proprietary technology sales and design platform designed to reduce installation costs - the mORE Power app makes solar a more central fixture of everyday life, offering homeowners the ability to remotely manage and monitor their energy output alongside other home automation tools.

Third-party financing has made residential solar accessible to millions of customers for whom buying a solar system outright was not a viable option. But "going solar" can be a lengthy and complex installation process, often requiring more paperwork than a mortgage. Recognizing the need to make leasing solar as simple as possible, OneRoof Energy has invested significant resources and more than 25 percent of its staff to software development.

The company has created a variety of technology tools specifically designed to cut out red-tape for dealers by streamlining sales and installation processes as well as improving customer participation once an installation is completed. Leading the market in project management functionality and API integration, SunOpps automates design, title check and lease signature processes - steps that often require days or weeks to verify customer information - allowing sales teams to move initial quote to lease signing in a few intuitive steps.

"SunOpps is a clear example of our goal to drive down costs and make solar even more accessible. We have seen significant reductions in the cost of panels through technology improvement, why not address soft costs through innovation in software?" said Hussein Yahfoufi, Vice President of Technology & Corporate Services at OneRoof Energy.

Now with the mORE Power app, OneRoof Energy continues to build functional technology and software directly for their customers. The app not only allows homeowners to remotely view how much power their rooftop system is generating but also see what the system's the associated environmental offsets, broken down by the number of trees planted or automobile miles not driven, according the environmental impact figures provided by the EPA regional emission rates. Homeowners can also share their solar production and environmental offsets through social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or easily refer a friend to OneRoof Energy and earn $500 per referral.

"The mORE Power app integrates solar into the home as a part of everyday life. More and more, people are using apps to automate their homes from security alarms to network connectivity. We want our customers to not only feel like they always have a handle on what their system is doing, but also allow them to share the benefits with their community online," said Yahfoufi.

The mORE Power app is currently available for free in the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and the iPad. The Android version of the app will be available on the Google Play Market in Fall 2013.

mORE Power - Solar Panels Monitoring App 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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