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Task Defence
Developer: Seho Kim
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WIIIC recently released an update of 'Task Defence', an app you can use to organise your daily events and tasks in a fun way, as if you're playing a computer game. When you use Task Defence, you can visually identify all your daily tasks and events up to 30 days ahead at the same time. Task Defence works like a space game in which your daily tasks and events are your enemies. You can keep track of your progress at one glance by prioritising tasks and events into different enemy groups.

Task Defence also makes sure you don't lose focus. If you move on to your next daily tasks without completing earlier ones, the neglected tasks will fire laser beams at each other to alert you to complete them. It's fun to watch but at the same time it puts pressure on you to complete your tasks and events. Once a task is completed, you can shoot it down as if it were a target in a space defence game.

Since it was first released on 21st June 2013, 'Task Defence' has been widely acclaimed as a great product and many users have offered valuable feedback about its design and functionality. WIIIC has incorporated much of this feedback into the updated app.

Download Task Defence if:
* You are fed up with organising your daily tasks and events
* You want to organise things well but are not sure how to
* You don't currently have a time management strategy

It will help you organise your schedule by managing your time in increments.

Newly updated features:
* Optimized App Algorithms for improved performance
* New App Icons and Launch Image
* Improved screen design
* New format for screen information on enemies
* Simplified editing of enemy information
* Ability to add new enemies easily by tapping the radar on screen
* Added sound effects and BGM
* A new function which enables the radar screen to be manipulated using a finger pinch gesture

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of App Store and the successful update of Task Defence, WIIIC currently has a special offer. Task Defence 1.1 is now only $0.99 USD (Reg: $2.99) or equivalent amount in other currencies, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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