Outwitters 1.0 for iOS - Asynchronous Multiplayer Strategy Game

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Developer: One Man Left
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One Man Left today is pleased to introduce Outwitters 1.0 for iOS, a multiplayer strategy game that can be played 1-on-1 or 2-on-2, asynchronously or as a "pass and play" session. It features a league matchmaking system designed to pair up users of similar skill, so you don't even need to bring friends to have fun. The app is universal for iPhone and iPad, it uses your Game Center account so there's no extra sign up, and is free to play.

The game is multiplayer only, played by spawning and maneuvering troops across the battlefield to reach and destroy an opposing player's base. All movement and character spawning is tied to a resource called Wits. Winning a match depends on making wise Wit investments, and on clever use of the board's fog of war system. Each player can only see as far as their army can move, so strategic use of the faster scout units can keep you one step ahead of your opponent.

There are three teams in the release version, each sharing five standard unit types (soldier, runner, heavy, medic and sniper), but boasting one specialty unit with a unique advantage. The Scallywags, a free team available on install, are fish pirates whose special character functions as a super-sniper with splash damage. For in-app purchase, users can unlock a robot army called the Feedback, whose Scrambler character enslaves enemy units, and a collection of ridiculously cute creatures called the Adorables, whose Mobi whale unit teleports allies across the map. Each team purchase includes 3 themed, home-turf maps for use in Friendly and Pass-n-Play matches.

Outwitters 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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