Overkill 2 Released After 1 Year of Development

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Overkill 2
Developer: Craneballs s.r.o.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Craneballs announce the sequel to their hit shooter Overkill. Overkill 2 v.1.0 is an action packed shooter that is all about guns and shooting. Overkill 2 has more than 30 3D weapons that will take your breath away. There are dozens of upgrades that can be put on the guns. There is combat equipment, there are tactical items, there is the tight gameplay, and more.

Without bragging too much Craneballs claim Overkill 2 provides the most brilliant shooting experience currently available on mobiles. Hands down. It's so easy to control you just know that's the way shooters on mobiles were meant to be. Controls may be easy, but the gameplay itself is something different. Every mistake has to be paid for. In blood. This unique combination of easy controls and extremely challenging gameplay is what Craneballs believe makes Overkill 2 the beast among shooters.

Craneballs started working on Overkill 2 over a year ago, at the beginning of 2012. With the huge success and popularity of the original Overkill, they knew they had to go all in with the sequel. Better graphics were not gonna cut it. That's where the idea of 3D weapon models came to play. Once thought, we knew it had to be done. Overkill is all about weapons and they must look truly awesome. And they do!

Feature Highlights:
* New Game Mechanics - Medkits and armor upgrades. Something players of the original have always asked for
* New Grenadier Unit - Shoot the grenades mid air or be ready to pay the price. It's all about the reflexes
* Fine Tuned Gameplay - At Craneballs we believe this is the most crucial component of every successful game. We tweaked it a lot over the year of development
* Graphics - Atmospheric, dark, amazing, worked to the very last pixel
* Survival Mode has been spiced up with multiplier and revival mechanics

Imagine what would happen if Craneballs added boobs and kittens.

Overkill 2 v.1.0 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.

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