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Buy Tribal Quest - Master of Elements on the App Store

New App Tribal Quest Challenges Gamers to Summon their Warrior Spirit

Gamers of all skill levels - from eager newbies to hardcore enthusiasts - can now download the spectacular new app Tribal Quest from HolosOne. Available as a free download for a limited time in the App Store, Tribal Quest features a whole new level of unforgettable excitement and prompts players to summon their inner warrior and fight to survive in the dangerous, uncharted terrain of Holos Prime - a planet that has been ravaged by war and populated by hostile tribes.

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Buy Rakpoka on the App Store

Exciting, Strategic and Addictive Poker Board Game Rakpoka Launches

Poker and crossword fans in search of an easy-to-learn and delightfully addictive turn-based mobile game for two players that can be enjoyed online or offline, can now download the new full no-cost version of Rakpoka from Abble Games - and get ready for hour after hour of the excitement of poker (without the gambling) combined with the strategy of ScrabbleTM.

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Buy Vectoria² - Beautiful Turtle Graphics Editor on the App Store

Vectoria - Beautiful Realtime Pattern App Gets The 2.0 Treatment

Mindbrix today is pleased to announce the 2.0 upgrade of Vectoria, the innovative realtime pattern exploration app. Now featuring an elegant and simple interface coupled with an enhanced OpenGL vector graphics engine for a great user experience.

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Buy The PewDiePie Soundboard on the App Store

The PewDiePie Soundboard for iOS just released - First on the market

Independent Developer, Martin Pluisch today is thrilled to announce the release of PewDiePie Soundboard v.1.0, his new entertainment app developed for iOS. With a fan-base of more than 10,000,000 people, PewDiePie is one of the top subscribed people on YouTube.

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Buy PE Activities - Superior PE Games Database for Teachers on the App Store

PE Activities app for Teachers - So much more than a Games Database

PE Activities app for teachers - so much more than a games database! Mel Hamada today is proud to announce her newest iTunes application, PE Activities. This database allows users to maintain and access different games and activities out in the field.

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Buy Punch Your People Free on the App Store

Punch Your People 1.8.2 for iOS - Show no mercy to your friends in 3D

Pedrocorp today is thrilled to announce the release of Punch Your People 1.8.2, their new game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Making it possible to show no mercy to your friends in 3D, Punch Your People aims to provide a great deal of fun.

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Buy Guide: Watch Online News, Blogs, and RSS like TV on the App Store

Guide launches its highly anticipated technology to a global audience

Guide's avatar based approach to read and display the news allows users to curate and consume content when reading isn't an option. Since launching on July 1st, Guide skyrocketed into the top five charts in the iPad News category in seven countries and continues to hold it in the U.S.

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Buy Albumm - Shared Photo Albums on the App Store

Albumm is Bringing Real Photo Sharing to iOS

The market of social photo apps is crowded with incumbent US start-ups backed by millions of dollars, so why even bother approaching this space. But to Blank Market, social isn't really sharing - it's more a public display for your friends to see and comment on.

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Buy WritePad for iPad on the App Store

WritePad Turns iPads, iPods and iPhones into a Complete Writing Hub

PhatWare Corp., a leading professional software and application developer, is excited today to announce the release of WritePad 6.7 onto the iTunes App Store. A powerful note taking solution, this utility gives users a single mobile hub that mixes together conventional digital text creation features such as text copy, paste, cut and spell checking options among many others with a unique self-improving handwriting recognition system which learns individual users writing patterns to be able to better assist them.

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Buy Ninja Wrath on the App Store

Ninja Wrath gets New Hero Update - plus Free Version Now on App Store

Independent developer XLUSH announced today that its hit action combat game Ninja Wrath(TM) has received a major update by the addition of a new playable character and fresh weapon skills, as well as the release of a Lite (Free) version that is now available from the App Store.

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Buy Naughty Boy - Sling and shoot on the App Store

Heliceum Catapults Naughty Boy: Sling And Shoot Onto iOS and Android

Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for smartphones and tablets, today announces the launch of their new creation "Naughty Boy: sling and shoot" on the Apple and Amazon App Stores, and now on Google Play Store.

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Buy ZEAMI on the App Store

Zeami - Challenging Logic Game for iPad

Cyber Dog introduces Zeami 1.0 for iPad. How about trying out a completely new brain challenging logic game you have never seen before? Well, Zeami is definitely the number one option to take a look at this summer.

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Buy iTheme - Themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Magic Wallpapers and Backgrounds on the App Store

15 Mio theme downloads - iOS Styling App iTheme gets major update

novitap GmbH, the creators of quality games and apps for mobile devices, today announced iTheme 4.0, featuring a completely redesigned interface and many new functions. iTheme has been a very popular device customization app since its release - reaching Top 10 chart position in the iTunes Lifestyle category in many countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany and many more.

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Buy Chess Masterworks on the App Store

Prairie Media Releases Unique Documentary on World-Renowned Chess Sets

Prairie Media has released a new documentary entitled "Chess Masterworks: The Art and History of Twenty-five Chess Sets from the World-Renowned Collection of Dr. George and Vivian Dean." The film, available as a DVD, BluRay and digital download, features 25 of the world's greatest chess sets from the spectacular collection of Dr.

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Buy iPoe 2 - The Raven, The Black Cat and Other Edgar Allan Poe Interactive Stories on the App Store

The app iPoe 2 will be free from today and for a limited time

Spanish studio, Play Creatividad announced that iPoe Collection Volume 2, the second volume of the award-winning app, will be free for a limited period of time. The stories are presented in a classic typeface on slightly aged paper that gives the App a traditional look.

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