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Buy Dragon Bane Elite [Free MMORPG] on the App Store

Dragon Bane Elite - Free MMORPG with Epic Dragon-Slaying Adventure

Digital Cloud Ltd. is proud to announce today the global availability of Dragon Bane Elite. Dragon Bane Elite is the ultimate massively multiplayer online role-player game with beautiful graphics, multiple challenges and the ultimate experience.

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Buy Teeth Defense– For basic math skills on the App Store

Teeth Defense is a Free Game for Kids to Learn Math and Dental Hygiene

Orbaby today is pleased to introduce "Teeth Defense - for basic math skill" for iOS. Teeth Defense is a fast-paced app that fuses math and dental care in a tower defense game designed for kids in First and Second grades.

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Buy Pen & Ink: A Watercolor Notebook on the App Store

Pen & Ink is the #1 Productivity App in South Korea

Stepping Stone Mobile today announced that Pen & Ink is the #1 Productivity App in South Korea having been featured by Apple in the "New and Noteworthy" section of the App Store. Pen & Ink is the simplest way to create beautiful watercolor paintings and drawings on the iPad.

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Buy Haypi Monster on the App Store

Haypi Monster 1.4.1 Sweeps Players Away

Millions of players from around the world are rushing to download the latest update of the super popular iOS game, Haypi Monster. Haypi Monster sweeps players away into an alternate reality, where 165 delightful creatures roam the land and harness the powers of fire, water, and seven other elements.

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Buy Cookmate Multi Timer on the App Store

Random House LLC Releases Cookmate Multi Timer App

Random House LLC and Smashing Ideas LLC both companies of Penguin Random House in the U.S., are pleased to announce that Cookmate Multi Timer for iPhone and iPod touch is now available in the App StoreSM.

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Buy Plush on the App Store

Plush - The Puzzle Game Sure To Be A Sleeper Hit On iOS

Independent developer Red Head Games is pleased to announce the availability of its first game, Plush, on iOS. Plush combines stuffed animal simulation with the imagination of a little girl to provide a unique puzzle experience.

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Buy Sleep application on the App Store

Koikoi.biz Introduces Sleep App for Those Looking for Peaceful Slumber

koikoi.biz, an iPhone app production and sales portal, has developed a new sleep inducing application. This app plays music that helps the listener fall asleep faster. The highly acclaimed Sleep application is unique, as it helps listeners sleep faster and fall into a deeper and more relaxing slumber.

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Buy Revealers on the App Store

Revealers is a social gaming experience with user generated content

Revealers, an addictively fun turn-based guessing game, officially launched today. Revealers taps into the users' imagination asking the player to quickly match the right caption with a photo as it is slowly revealed.

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Buy Chase Tag on the App Store

Chase Tag - Strategy Chase Game Created By Kids For Kids

Pigion Games today is proud to introduce Chase Tag 1.0 for iOS. Chase Tag is a fast, addictive game that will put your reflexes to the test! This is a strategy game that may seem to start slow, but things quickly get interesting.

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Buy Easy Calendar for iPad on the App Store

Easy Calendar now also available for iPad

Easy Calendar finally brought their popular calendar app to iPad. The iPad edition remains true to its Phone roots: just two or three taps to enter or edit an event. The basis of Easy Calendar's ease of use lies in a smoothly swipe-able week-at-a-glance view.

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Buy SoundVault on the App Store

SoundVault: Dedicated Audio Recorder now available for iPhone/iPod touch

Available today, the SoundVault app offers audio recording features to Apple iPhone and iPod touch users. With a simple and intuitive user-interface, SoundVault comes with dozens of features while remaining simple to use.

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Buy Cool Texts - Cool Fonts, Emoji 2 Stickers, Color Keyboard Symbols & Font Candy Free Gif Maker to now Pimp my Text Messages on the App Store

3 in 1 App - Moving Emojis, Cool Fonts and Amazing Backgrounds

NJP Apps today is proud to introduce Cool Texts 1.0 for iOS. It allows you to send amazing texts to impress your friends with Moving Emojis, Cool Fonts and Crazy Backgrounds - all in the one app.

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Buy Procreate – Sketch, paint, create. on the App Store

The highly anticipated Procreate 1.8 update for iPad is now available

Savage Interactive today is pleased to announce a major update to the Apple Design Award winning Procreate, is now available. Packed with 48 beautiful brushes, from true-to-life sets of pencils, inks and paint brushes, to unique digital tools, Procreate is a full digital studio at your finger tips.

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Buy PaigeeWorld - Manga Anime How to Draw and Share on the App Store

PaigeeWorld #FIREWORKS Manga Drawing Mini Contest

Happy 4th of July! This week PaigeeWorld iOS is launching the Fireworks manga drawing contest. The theme of this contest is fireworks. Whether it is Independence Day, Canada Day, or a special holiday where you live.

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Buy PhotoTorial PRO on the App Store

PhotoTorial Launches On The App Store for Aspiring Photographers

McLennan, who recently returned from the Cannes Film Festival where he attended as a member of the HP Influencer Advisory Board, has photographed in over 40 different countries during his 25 year career as one of the world's top travel photographers.

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