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Tickl Launches As The Worlds First App For Rating Love Making

Whether starting a new relationship, keeping a long term relationship alive, or even trying for a baby, Tickl tracks and stores all of the statistics associated with intimate moments. For a bit of fun it can also rate performance based on the users ages, worldwide statistics and an incredibly complex algorithm, that took years of arduous testing.

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Buy ideaBoost - Handwriting Sticky Notes for Brainstorming, Organization, Mind Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Storyboard- on the App Store

Creative Thinking App with Handwriting Sticky Notes on Various Framework

Naoya Enokida has announced a limited time price drop for the ideaBoost App. ideaBoost for iPad, is available at the App Store, through Sep. 11 - Sep 13, for the special price of just $2.99 USD.

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Buy I know countries! on the App Store

I know countries 1.3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad - An Apple Maps Game

grapevine-cottage today is proud to announce the release of "I know countries" 1.3 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The app leverages full Apple maps support to provide a new and unique user experience while navigating: the map responds to a touch and highlights country boundaries and area, drops a pin at the capital location and shows a callout with flag, while speaking country name and capital name.

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Buy Turn the Word - The Addictive Word Game on the App Store

Introducing Turn the Word - A new Word Game app for iOS

Escapement Apps today is proud to announce the release of Turn the Word 1.0, a new and different word game app for iPad and iPhone. Word game apps are very popular and offer brain stimulating activities that can be shared among friends.

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Buy Serie A Live 2014-2015 on the App Store

Follow the Italian Serie A and Play with Prediction

Rifra Mobile Apps is proud to announce the release of its new application "Serie A Live 2014-2015" for Android and iOS. Serie A Live 2014-2015 is the ideal companion for following the season 2014-2015 of the first division of Italian League, one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, and for being the hero through the exciting game of predictions.

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Buy TravelPop - Photo Trivia from the maker of SongPop on the App Store

TravelPop the Globe-trotting Quiz Game Now Available

Are you a world trivia master? FreshPlanet Inc., the makers of SongPop, today is proud to announce the release of TravelPop, the globe-trotting quiz game for iPhone, iPad, and Facebook. TravelPop puts your knowledge to the test with hundreds of quizzes featuring over 30,000 beautiful photos.

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Buy Elder Towers on the App Store

Elder Towers - A Deck-building RTS/RPG - launched on iOS and Android

Indie developer, Akashan Games today is proud to announce the release of Elder Towers, its first game title for iOS and Android devices. Elder Towers is a deck-building RTS/RPG game heavily inspired by the old titles Magic: the Gathering - Shandalar and Sacrifice.

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Buy Magzter – Magazine & Book Store on the App Store

Latina magazine now on Magzters newsstand thrills Latino Audience

Having enjoyed tremendous popularity among the Latin community in the United States, Latina magazine's availability on Magzter, the world's largest and fastest growing digital self-service newsstand and magazine store will now take it to Latino audiences all around the world with just one click.

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Buy The Blackpool Experience 2014 on the App Store

Seaside Resort Of Blackpool Gets Its Own AR Experience

Black Ridge Technologies Ltd is thrilled to introduce The Blackpool Experience 2014 for iOS devices. Blackpool is one of the first cities in the UK to use Augmented Reality across a large area of the sea front promenade area providing 3D holograms of Illuminations characters ranging from Pirates, Zombies, Tigers and even a Greek god or 2 for visitors to discover using their own mobile phones and devices.

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Buy Kids-Zone on the App Store

Kids-Zone - A Safe and Mobile Place for Children to Play and Learn

Children are fascinated by our smartphones and tablets, and why shouldn't they be? They observe us becoming elated or showing disappointment upon opening a text message, receiving a phone call, or checking our e-mail and various messenger inboxes.

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Buy Reactr: Share selfies. Capture reactions. on the App Store

Reaction capturing app Reactr rolls out new anonymity feature more

Reactr, the social app that lets people capture the reactions of their friends when they share a photo or video with them, today rolls out a number of awesome new features across both its iOS and Android versions.

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Buy Socialmaps on the App Store

Swedish startup SocialMaps to make U.S. debut at #TechcrunchDisrupt

Emerging mobile social discovery platform Socialmaps is the first app to fully leverage the power of location-based services and social media. Developed in Sweden, Socialmaps recently surpassed more than 1 million posts from users across the world.

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Buy The tree that refused to shed - An interactive story for kids, families and educators on the App Store

The tree that refused to shed featured in Australias Best New Apps

Striding Bird Productions' latest children's interactive storybook app, The tree that refused to shed for iPhone and iPad has been selected for a feature spot in the "Best New Apps" section in the Australian and New Zealand App Stores.

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Buy Siesta Testa - Child Battery Test ▪ Good easy parenting support solution to teach and train kids for the best bed time sleep routine on the App Store

Siesta Testa - Your Best Parenting Trick For An Easy Bedtime

Parents regularly struggle to get their young children to go to bed, for the simple reason that children can't be swayed from their sole goal of not going to bed! Intuitively and infinitely better negotiators than parents, children use lengthy arguments, tantrums and tears to convince their parents that it is definitely not time for a snooze.

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Buy Radar Wings - Its Time To Fly in the Sky. on the App Store

Fun, Simple and Ultra Addictive New No-Cost App: Radar Wings launches

iOS and Android users of all ages in search of the next fun, simple and ultra addictive new app that they'll want to keep playing over and over again, can now head to the App Store or Google Play and download Radar Wings from Easy & Tricky Games Company.

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