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Buy iVigilo Smartcam Remote on the App Store

Secure Your Home, Office or Hotel Room with Your iDevice or Mac

Naboo introduces the iVigilo Smartcam Remote 1.0 iOS app, their latest addition to the iVigilo Smartcam audio and video surveillance family of apps. Smartcam Remote establishes a direct link to the iVigilo Smartcam app running on iOS and or Mac OS X, through which the user can select which active camera they want to view.

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Buy Gappy Learns Reading on the App Store

Spinlight Closes the Gap in Early Education

According to research published in the Children's Literacy Initiative, only 10% of students who read poorly at the end of first grade will ever read proficiently in later grades. Now the creative minds behind AlphaTots(TM), the Parents' Choice Award winning alphabet app, have put their full force behind a brand new game designed to close the gap, giving little learners the tools they need to read at an early age.

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Buy Big Sliding on the App Store

Big Sliding - Can You Navigate the Seabed Cave Safely?

Mpeople Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of Big Sliding 1.1, an update to its game title for iPhone and iPod touch. Big Sliding is a game that stingray enjoys sliding on the water in the seabed cave and pushes obstacles out of the screen by firing the projectiles during sliding.

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Buy Udder Destruction - The Cow Runner Game! on the App Store

Udder Destruction Unleashed: Take Control of a 50ft Cow

Retired Astronaut Collective, LLC today is pleased to announce the release of Udder Destruction, its new action, arcade game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPd touch. In Udder Destruction, players take control of Patty, a cow who mootates into a 50 foot cow.

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Buy Motocross Life 2 on the App Store

Motocross Life 2 Lets Gamers Race Across 6 Exciting Worlds

Gamers who want to experience a thrilling racing adventure across six exciting worlds, and collect points along the way as they rack up victories, can now download the new no-cost app Motocross Life 2 from developer AlMussalam_6.

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Buy Primary for Instagram on the App Store

Gramatica, a New Feature-Rich Instagram Client, is Now Available for iOS

Think Tap Work introduces Gramatica 1.0, available for iOS on the App Store. It is a new client for Instagram that allows you to remove unwanted photos from your feed. It includes the ability to fast switch between accounts, make lists of people and tags, and pinch to zoom.

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Buy Pixies - Fun With Photos on the App Store

Simple, Sleek, and Quirky Creations Come to Life with Pixies on iOS

Add adorable illustrations to everyday photos, transforming ordinary pictures into fun, custom images, with Pixies 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. Featuring an assortment of stylish fonts and over 350 charming graphics called Pixies, the app lets anyone transform personal photos from plain images to quirky creations by quickly applying customizable text and graphics.

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Buy Ruff’s Bone - interactive storybook in English and Spanish on the App Store

Wanderful Releases Free: Ruffs Bone - Interactive Story App for iOS

Wanderful Interactive Storybooks, the award-winning developer of apps for today's digital kids, has released its latest interactive story, Ruff's Bone 1.0, Free for a limited time.

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Buy Daily Shopper on the App Store

myCodeStudio Releases Daily Shopper 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

myCodeStudio today is proud to announce that the latest version of their app, Daily Shopper, is now available as a free download on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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Buy Coupon Builder on the App Store

OnFast Launches Coupon Builder App

Web-based marketing service, OnFast launched their new Coupon Builder application into the Apple App Store today, allowing businesses to easily create Apple Passbook-compatible coupons with their iPhone or iPad and distribute them to Facebook and Twitter.

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Buy Middle School Writing - Expressing Basic Ideas on the App Store

Schools Discover Answer To Teaching Writing In Middle School

Students no longer sit in front of a computer to write essays. They have gone mobile and have taken their writing assignments right along with them. It is time writing instructional technology catches up and delivers premium content and functionality on mobile platforms.

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Buy Focus Point - Photo Albums Manager for iPad on the App Store

Focus Point Photo App Updated with Sophisticated Sorting and Labeling

Sarofax announces that their top-selling iPad Photo app - Focus Point - has been updated to included sophisticated album sorting and thumbnail labeling. Focus Point 1.3 has been updated with sophisticated sorting and labeling.

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Buy Swemos - Create photo albums and travel journals on the App Store

Location-Based Photo Album App Swemos Enhances Usability with New Update

Indie developer Develosophy is pleased to announce today's release of Swemos version 1.1 with user interface improvements, bug fixes and iPad support to the App Store. Swemos is a location-based photo journal app that allows people to easily create and customize photo albums by turning their favorite photos into personal anecdotes that can be shared with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, text or Bluetooth.

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Buy Mail+ Email Client with Attachments and Cloud Services on the App Store

Group Email! Mail Client with Attachments - iOS Universal

Redbits iOS Apps today is pleased to announce the release of Group Email! Mail Client with Attachments 3.1, an update to their popular universal app for sending emails to single recipients, groups or distributions lists.

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Buy Scripture Sword on the App Store

Scripture Sword is Live on the App Store!

Reformed Games is bringing a new level of quality fun to Christian apps and games. Their first release, Scripture Sword 1.0, uses some of the most advanced slicing technology available, creative gameplay and quality graphics to make memorizing the books of the Bible in their correct order a lot of fun.

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