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Buy Water Balloon Explosion on the App Store

Water Balloon Explosion Reinvents Slicing Game Apps

Big Future Media introduces it's latest app for the iPhone, Water Balloon Explosion 1.0.1, now available in the App Store. Water Balloon Explosion will be one of the fun new games of the season.

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Buy Eighty-Eight on the App Store

Eighty-Eight: A Fresh New Puzzle Game for iPhone

Premiere Liaison, a Montreal based game app development studio, is pleased to announce the release of its latest puzzle game for iPhone, Eighty-Eight 1.0. Eighty-Eight is a simple yet highly addictive puzzle game.

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Buy BugMe! Stickies Pro - Ink Notepad & Alarms on the App Store

App Savvy Seniors Tap BugMe! Stickies for Jotting Reminder Notes

Contrary to the stereotype of seniors avoiding modern technologies, many are embracing social media, smartphones, tablets and apps. With Facebook and Skype, retirees can stay in touch with family and friends from afar, and with the BugMe!

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Buy Prancing, Dancing Lily - An Interactive Storybook by Marsha Diane Arnold on the App Store

Prancing, Dancing Lily App Showcases A Conga-Dancing Cow For All Ages

She is a recognized bovine by Prince Charles and has won the hearts of children around the world - Marin-based Fat Red Couch is thrilled to announce the world-wide and multi-platform app launch of the acclaimed book Prancing, Dancing Lily, a heartwarming story about an Ayrshire cow determined to hoof and groove around the globe.

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Buy iFish Minnesota on the App Store

iFish Minnesota App a Reel Catch for Fishing

Knowing When, Where & How to fish in Minnesota just got easier. The App Door, developers of several successful outdoor apps, recently launched the latest in their iFish Series of apps.

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Buy CFI Tools General Aviation on the App Store

CFI Tools General Aviation App Upgrades Everything

CFI Tools today announces the latest addition to the CFI Tools catalog, the General Aviation App, CFI Tools General Aviation 1.01. This release consolidates a number of well-known existing Apps and some upgraded new features.

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Buy MapItAll on the App Store

MapItAll makes everyday travel much easier and efficient

MapItAll is an amazing app that will make your everyday travel so much easier and efficient. It includes Google's street view a very friendly user interface. Developed by ABDolphin, MapItAll version MIV1.01032013 allows anyone to input multiple addresses and get a route that includes multiple locations.

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Buy DraftCode PHP IDE on the App Store

Freeridecoding Releases DraftCode, an Offline iPad PHP Development Tool

Freeridecoding announces DraftCode 1.0, the first version of its new PHP development tool for iPad. DraftCode lets you write, run and debug PHP right on the iPad, without requiring access to a server or even internet connection.

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Buy Love Gears on the App Store

Love Gears: A Game Designed to Deliver a Unique Concept of Game Play

Jokerware LLC announces Love Gears 1.1, a new game for both iOS and Android devices. Love Gears is a unique gear-simulation puzzle game designed to be amazingly challenging and addictively fun with its 54 different levels, colorful graphics and funny characters and animation.

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Buy Back & Forth 2 on the App Store

Announcing Back and Forth 2 a Free Version of the Popular iOS Word Game

AppAdvice online declared the original Back & Forth as an Essential App in their Best Word Search Games for iPad article and word game lovers have given an average 4.5 stars rating across all App Stores.

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Buy vueCAD on the App Store

vueCAD version 4.5 is Now Available in the Apple App Store

Mobile CAD Inc. announces the release of vueCAD, the professional CAD viewer for the iPad, version 4.5 is now available in the Apple App Store. Control the 3D model with a finger - zoom, pan, rotate and explode.

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Buy Pigs don't fly on the App Store

Mysia Games introduces Pigs dont fly 1.0 - Game for all Platforms

Mysia Games today is proud to announce Pigs don't fly 1.0, a new iOS, Android and Amazon based game on their website. This is one of many games that this group of mobile game developers will be putting out to all mobile markets.

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Buy Picaboo Star on the App Store

Blue Stairway Releases Picaboo Star 1.1 for iOS

Blue Stairway Studio, a brand new mobile game development company, today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Picaboo Star 1.1 on the iOS platform for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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Buy Lotus Bud - Meditation Timer on the App Store

Lotus Bud - Meditation Timer

Independent developer, Chad Sager, announces Lotus Bud - Meditation Timer 1.5, an update to the meditation timers, with new features to support a strong, healthy, lasting meditation practice.

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Buy AppZapp Pro - daily new Apps, best hot deals & free Apps on the App Store

The AppZapp Infographic Shows Price Reductions for Paid Apps!

For many years, AppZapp has been the best deal saver for all app lovers. Every day, the information service shows which iPhone and iPad apps are new in the App Store, which of them are currently reduced in price, and which are offered completely free of charge for a short period of time.

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