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Buy Pocket Mobile Resume on the App Store

Mobile Resume PRO 1.2 - Extra update and Free version

Creanncy has updated Mobile Resume PRO for iPad 2 v1.2 and added Pocket Resume Free version. Mobile Resume PRO is a best, fastest and easiest way to create, update and send your stunning resume from Apple iOS devices.

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Buy Max & Ruby: Max’s Mole Mash on the App Store

Max and Ruby: Maxs Mole Mash Free This Weekend!

Everyone's favorite brother and sister bunny combo are back, in Max & Ruby: Max's Mole Mash! Now Watch More TV Interactive Inc. is offering this family friendly app for free this weekend from Saturday, March 17 to Sunday, March 18.

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DODOcase Adds Bold Colors to Collection of Book-style Cases for the New iPad

DODOcase Adds Bold Colors to Collection of Book-style Cases for the New iPad

DODOcase announced today that their original, award-winning design is now available for Apple's newest iPad and available in the Classic DODOcase style, with a choice of four color-linings, as well as two entirely new collections both inspired by the California landscape.

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Price Drops, Discounts and Free Apps for All! Limited Time Specials Celebrate the New iPad

Price Drops, Discounts and Free Apps for All! Limited Time Specials Celebrate the New iPad

What's better than a New iPad? How about a New iPad filled with free or cheap apps? Whether you're broke from buying a new device or saving your pennies to buy one, these recent price drops are a great way to fill up for less.

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Buy Mugshot Booth on the App Store

Mugshot Booth Turns Friends into Felons With Fun Photo Effects

Belizzimo are asking virtual police suspects around the world to 'Say cheese!' as iOS users create realistic and hilarious mugshot photographs of their friends, family and colleagues in the recently launched Mugshot Booth - a universal app for iPhone and iPad that offers a quick-and-easy process to turn even the most innocent face into a felon.

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Buy handPaint on the App Store

handPaint Adds More 'Magic' Effects for Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Unleash the artist within! No drawing experience necessary; handPaint is for all of us that love to draw, but need a little help. The family-friendly handPaint application is a digital canvas where budding artists of all ages can create artwork using a wide variety of colorful subjects and artisans' tools.

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Retina-Ready for the New iPad, Blocks World Invites All iOS Users to Solve Anagrams

TranCreative today is pleased to announce the release of "Blocks World", their new retina-ready iPad game. "Blocks World" is a puzzle-style game that requires users to solve anagrams (e.g., "THE EYES = THEY SEE") by moving letter blocks between limited number of spaces.

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Buy Mobile Mouse (Remote & Mouse for the iPad) on the App Store

Transform the New iPad into a Giant Trackpad With Mobile Mouse

Designed to operate via a local Wi-Fi network, Mobile Mouse 2.1 transforms your iPad into an oversized multitouch trackpad and remote for your computer. Because it ahs no line-of-sight limitations, the app allows users to control a Mac, PC, or Linux computer connected to a TV, or use it as a replacement for their mouse.

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Buy Theodolite on the App Store

Theodolite Augmented-Reality Navigation App Gets Updated for New iPad

Hunter Research and Technology today is pleased to announce that its popular Theodolite app series has been optimized for the new 3rd generation iPad. Theodolite HD is a viewfinder-based compass, GPS, map, zoom camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer.

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Buy Funi Player Lite on the App Store

Funi Player Lite 1.02 for iOS - Free Music Effects Editor is Musical Fun

Independent developer Sejin Kim today is pleased to announce Funi Player Lite 1.02 Free for iOS, his music-editing app that gives users an innovative way to listen to and enhance the songs in their music collection.

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Buy iPlanJournal Quiet Time on the App Store

Quiet Time App for Personal Devotions, Bible Study, and Prayer

iHomeEducator, Inc. the developer of the iPlan Series today is pleased to announce the release of iPlanJournal Quiet Time for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This new homework planner joins the following mobile planner apps in the iPlan Series: - iPlanLessons: Lesson planner app used in over a dozen countries and over 1500 educators - iPlanHomework: Student homework app designed by an 8th grader - iPlanMeals: Meal planner designed by our Chief Mom for food lovers - iPlanShopping: Budget and shopping planner app for any shopping occasion (i.e.: holiday, wedding, anniversary, birthday, back-to-school, etc.) - iPlanJournal Life Coach: G.R.O.W.

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Buy Dash Race on the App Store

iOS game Dash Race is celebrating its first birthday - Save up to 66%

Indie developer Rombos is celebrating the first birthday of its exciting and unique strategy racing game Dash Race. Whether you own Dash Race already, or want to become a strategy racing fan: the big birthday celebration this weekend has something to offer for everyone.

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Brian Scalabrine beats out Lebron James in MVP Tracker Update

It is well known that Lebron James is one of, if not the best basketball player in the world. With the race for the NBA MVP drawing near, everyone is wondering who will take the crown this year.

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Buy Pocket God Comics on the App Store

Pocket God Comics No. 14 Spooks App Store with Para-Abnormal Activity

Digital comics are making quite the splash on the App Store as of late and rightly so as the beautiful screens on Apple devices have the ability to showcase all the gritty details of art that comic publishers and iOS developers such as Ape Entertainment and Bolt Creative put so much time and effort into.

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Buy Skyfire Web Browser for iPad - The Flash Video Browser on the App Store

Share Your iPad With Family and Friends Thanks To Skyfire HotSwap

Tired of sharing your iPad and finding your Facebook, twitter, Gmail, and other accounts logged out? Today Skyfire, creator of the blockbuster mobile browser with over 13 million downloads to date, is introducing a solution that will ease your tablet sharing pain.

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