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Good Blood! Learn About Human Blood With Real-Time 3D Game

Good Blood! is now on the App Store available! The Serious Game provides action-packed real-time 3D gaming and combines this didactically via learning about human blood. The player moves with the flowing blood in the bloodstream.

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Galaxy Pirate Adventure: 3D Interstellar Space Challenge for RPG Fans

Sunfish Studio has just released Galaxy Pirate Adventure 1.0 for iOS. This new RPG adventure lets players take on the role of the son of the Galaxy Pirate King and learn the skills to prey on vessels traveling through space.

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Millie's Book of Tricks and Treats Arrives Just in Time for Halloween

It's never the same story twice, because it randomly generates a new experience every time you read or play.
“Trick or Treating” takes on new meaning in this clever Halloween offering which revolves around the adorable, real-life dog, Millie.

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Strain Brain Uses Image Recognition to Identify Marijuana and Find Nearby Dispensaries

The Medical Cannabis Network (MCN) has incorporated the revolutionary strain recognition technology from StrainBrain.com to a new app called Strain Brain, now available at the Apple iTunes App Store.

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Free Audio Tours from UrbanWonderer Uncover the Secrets of New York City

Fall is the perfect season to explore New York City on foot, and the new UrbanWonderer Audio Tours iPhone app offers free, GPS-driven, self-guided sightseeing tours for first time visitors and business travelers, as well as native New Yorkers.

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Zombiegram: Zombie Postcards Will Alert Friends of a Pending Apocalypse

Mobile application development firm Purple Forge (http://www.purpleforge.com) is well known for its work in politics, events and municipal government applications - but today is announcing that it is branching out into the world of the undead with Zombiegram.

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Apps on Sale! Devs Celebrate iPhone 4S with a Price Drop

Many top developers are celebrating today's release of iPhone 4S with huge price drop on some of the most popular apps for iOS devices. If there is an app you've been eyeing scan the list and stock up!

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Rally with Your Neighbors to Fight the Zombie Hordes in Please Stay Calm

We think we've cracked the key to making location-based gaming fun and accessible for everyone. — Ken Seto, CEO of Massive Damage
After infecting the streets of Canadian cities, Massive Damage Inc, unleashes their free location-based zombie apocalypse game, Please Stay Calm™, upon their unsuspecting neighbours in the US.

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Buy Rebtel: Cheap and Free International Calls on the App Store

KeepTalking Technology Aims to End Dropped Calls on iPhone

"Our app makes smart decisions based on price and data connection quality. The app allows you to call any phone or PC anywhere over WiFi/3G or the cellular network using local minutes," said Andreas Bernstrom, Rebtel CEO.

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Buy Runalyzer Utility on the App Store

Runalyzer Heart Rate Monitor Integrates with Apps for Better Tracking

Runware presents the Runalyzer, the first patented heart rate monitor made for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, compatible with all analog chest straps and integrated with several apps in the App Store.

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Kids Song Machine 2 Takes Children Around the World on a Musical Adventure

In just the first days of launch for iOS devices, Kids Song Machine 2 - Around the World app for toddlers and early learners has lead the Top Paid Educational apps and was featured as New and Noteworthy by Apple.

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KissIsland 2.0 Adds SuperBag With More Weapons, More Excitement

KissIsland 2.0 Adds SuperBag With More Weapons, More Excitement

OstinGames has launched KissIsland 2.0, a major update to its light-hearted action game with survival-style fighting and sweet kiss rewards. Along with improved graphics, choice of controls (d-pad vs.

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Rhythm Studio Includes More Ways to Explore Vintage Sounds

Rhythm Studio Includes More Ways to Explore Vintage Sounds

"The latest major update of Rhythm Studio takes the app to an entirely new level allowing users to be more creative while exploring vintage sounds and different synthesis styles." - said William Iturzaeta, Application Architect
Pulse Code is proud to announce the release and immediate worldwide availability of their first major update for Rhythm Studio.

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HeadFinder Helps You Get Organized in Three Taps

HeadFinder Helps You Get Organized in Three Taps

You know you'll never forget it. That thing you were asked to do? But, by the way, do you remember exactly when it was? Was it yesterday? The day before ... or last week? But that's not important anymore.

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Surviving Zombie Bumper Cars Means Not Losing Your Head

Surviving Zombie Bumper Cars Means Not Losing Your Head

From the developers who brought you Prison Escape, the multi-million downloaded iPhone hit, and Cat Attack, the number one free arcade game, OneButtonJoypad and Mogworks are delighted to announce they have joined forces to bring you Zombie Bumper Cars, the first in a proposed trilogy of zombie flavoured games for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android.

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