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Discover New Music, New Artists in Undiscovered Idol For iPhone

288 Vroom LLC, creators of over 25 top-selling iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps announces their latest app, Undiscovered Idol. Undiscovered Idol is an iPhone music app giving users unlimited access to impressive songs by brilliant yet unknown original bands from all musical genres including Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, Blues, Jazz, R & B, Reggae, Folk, and more.

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Play Bingo and Roulette in Aztec Jungle Casino on Bingo Jungle!

Sigma Game today is pleased to introduces Bingo Jungle! 1.1 for iOS, their new, free Game that combines Bingo and Roulette to create a single-player, gambling adventure. The game's dazzling graphics and animation combine the art and artifacts of the Aztecs with the spectacular casino signage of modern Las Vegas.

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Buy Miracle Compliment Generator on the App Store

Need a Pick-Me-Up? You Need Dr. Tingleton's Miracle Compliment Generator

Feeling run down, depressed or sloth-like? Lacking ambition, self-esteem or shiny good looks? You've come to the right place friends! Dr. Tingleton knows what you already know deep down to be true: you have to feel good on the inside for your get up n' go-go to work properly.

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GRAMMY Live Gives Music Fans Exclusive Content and Behind the Scenes Look

The Recording Academy and CBS announced the launch of GRAMMY Live on GRAMMY.com and CBS.com (www.cbs.com/shows/grammys/live/) beginning Friday, Feb. 10 at 2 p.m. PT. The GRAMMY Live mobile app, available now for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users, provides a complete backstage pass to Music's Biggest Night.

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Buy Pimp Your Screen - Custom Themes and Wallpapers for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iOS 7 on the App Store

The Best Wallpaper App Ever? Pimp Your Screen Wins in Best App Ever Awards

Apalon, the company behind the #1 customization tool on the App Store, is happy to share with the world the news on the impressive performance its flagship application has been showing. Pimp Your Screen, the app that makes every iOS device screen worth its impeccable setting, is now ranking in the TOP25 overall charts in many countries including US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and more.

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PicTime to Use iPad for Biometric Verification on Time Clocks

Labor is by far the largest expense for businesses. Now with PicTime, even the smallest clients can get real-time, validated labor data on their employees. TimeMD.com, a leader in time and attendance software, is set to release a new app that is poised to revolutionize the traditional biometric time clock industry.

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Buy Ball Turret Gunner on the App Store

Ball Turret Gunner 1.0 for iOS released - World War II Action Game

Hendrickson Software Components (hsc) today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Ball Turret Gunner, a shoot 'em up iPhone game. Ball Turret Gunner is a realistic shooting game where the player flies in the ball turret of a B-17 bomber and attempts to protect their bomber from enemy aircraft until the bomber gets over its target and can release its bombs.

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Buy Crossword Game For Kids on the App Store

Crossword Game For Kids - iOS Game where Kids Learn New Words Faster

Crosswords are no longer just for adults. Internet Design Zone, an iOS application development company, today is very happy to announce the release of their newest app, Crossword Game For Kids 1.0.

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CueTab Inventors Use Kickstarter to Launch Protective iPad Case

CueTab in use with an over the wrist strap that doubles as a carrying handle. The path to finding funding for a high tech start-up is well charted. Find a venture capitalist or an angel investor who likes your idea, your website or new high tech gadget, and you're in the chips.

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Buy Remarks by Readdle on the App Store

Remarks for iPad Lets Users Write, Draw or Comment on PDFs

Today Readdle releases Remarks, its brand new application for handwriting, note taking and PDF annotating on the iPad. It lets people replace paper for writing notes, making sketches and drafting ideas.

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Buy WeNowBuddy on the App Store

WeNowBuddy's Games Help Users Find New Friends for Valentines day

WeNowBuddy for iOS and Android is using fun and interesting question games to help users connect to people around the world. Whether you are looking for friendship or love, or whether you wish to simulate the experience of going on multiple blind dates (up to four, at once), WeNowBuddy answers the call.

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Buy Sage Payments on the App Store

Sage Mobile Payments Handles Credit Cards, Signatures And Taxes

Sage North America today announced the launch of Sage Mobile Payments 2.0, the latest version of its Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant mobile payments product. Sage Mobile Payments comes bundled with a Sage merchant account, and allows businesses to cost effectively and securely process credit and debit card transactions on mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, including Apple's iPad, across all major wireless carriers.

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With Barnyard Bluegrass Kids Can Listen, Sing-a-Long, or Make Their Own Music

Delve deeper into the genre of Bluegrass music and make music of your own with Barnyard Bluegrass. Are you tired of hearing the same torturous music from your child's favorite app? Barnyard Bluegrass, the new app from Whynoceros, is here to help.

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Grab iPhoneography Accessories From Adorama 's New iPhone Toolshed

The iPhone Toolshed offers an exclusive selection of some of the best accessories for picture-taking with the iPhone. Apple's iPhone has become the most ubiquitous camera on Earth, and Adorama aims to make it a better one with its new online iPhoneography shop.

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Buy Happy Chicken Co. on the App Store

Help Hilda and the Happy Chicken Co Escape in New iOS Maze Game

Game developers, The Steampunk Studio have released their new multi-platform game, Happy Chicken Co, along with a competition. Can you be the first player in the world to Conquer The Maze?

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