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Buy Hyper Cat on the App Store

Hyper Cat Now Available on Google Play and iTunes

British developers Cycleplay announced the release of a new game, Hyper Cat, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Hyper Cat puts players in control of a cat in a game that tests reflex and endurance skills.

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Buy Lumberjack magician on the App Store

Train Your Magic Skills With Lumberjack Magician

ChewingApps Ltd today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Lumberjack Magician, their new arcade-style game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Players strive to become a Lumberjack Magician by using their magic wand to make tree trunks disappear.

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Buy Photosane - Classic Camera Roll on the App Store

Photosane 1.0 - Get the missing Camera Roll back on iO8

If you miss the Camera Roll in the Photos app which disappeared in iOS8, Photosane is here to help you get it back. Photosane v1.0 was released today in the App Store. Photosane works just like the old Photos app with some extra features and is much faster.

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Buy Airboy on the App Store

AirBoy soars onto the Mobile Market

The Phoenix Digital Group today is proud to announce the release of AirBoy 1.0, their new game title for iOS and Android devices. AirBoy is a tap-to-fly adventure game that combines classic side-scrollers with physics games and billiard style problem solving coupled with beautiful story book graphics.

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Buy Air Plane Race - Multiplication on the App Store

Airplane Race Math Games Just Reduced from $1.99 to Free

Mastering grade school math takes lots of practice, and if children aren't enjoying themselves while they learn, they're not going to focus and gain the skills they need to success. Cool Math Games for Fun, LLC, a maker of a variety of math games for kids, has made learning and improving in addition, subtraction, mutliplication and division more fun by creating games with a fun plane race theme.

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Buy kEmoji Emoji & GIF Keyboard on the App Store

kEmoji brings themes, custom emoji, and more via iOS 8 keyboard

Atlantia Software today unveiled kEmoji, an all new iOS 8 Custom Emoji Keyboard. The app improves upon the default emoji keyboard by adding the ability to apply new color themes, a contextual search feature that produces suggested emoji based on text you've already typed, and even provides several packs of custom "kEmoji" (emoticons and GIFs that go above and beyond the Unicode emoji) that can be used in any app, directly from the keyboard.

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Buy Magzter – Magazine & Book Store on the App Store

PoetsArtists is the newest addition to Magzter in entertainment category

The acclaimed literary, art and poetry journal from Chicago, PoetsArtists; is now available on the world's largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform newsstand and magazine store, Magzter.

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Buy STEP - Journal for Life on the App Store

STEP Journal for Life is the Ultimate Visual Journal - Now on Android

Innovative life journal developer WePlanet announced today that lifelogging has taken a giant leap forward with the release of the STEP Personal Smart Journal on the Android platform. Live blogging, journaling and an increasing focus on up-to-the-minute communication is the impetus behind the STEP Personal Smart Journal, an automatic journaling app that makes intelligent usage of existing resources.

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Buy MultiCam - Set Focus/Exposure After Shoot on the App Store

MultiCam 1.0 for iOS8 - Take Photo Now, Set Focus and Exposure Later

Lucky Clan today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of MultiCam 1.0, its new photo app developed for iOS. Time Lapse! was developed revolutionize way of taking photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device.

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Buy True HDR on the App Store

TrueHDR gets major update for iOS 8

Pictional today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of TrueHDR 3.0, an update to True HDR, the popular iPhone/iPad app for high dynamic range (HDR) photography. TrueHDR's latest release is optimized for iOS 8, and has added capabilities including greatly increased dynamic range, user-adjustable exposure bracketing, live histogram preview, adjustable highlights/shadows, timer, and a composition grid.

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Kids Reading Comprehension Mega-Bundle Launches On App Store

Happy Frog Apps is proud to announce the launch of an exciting reading comprehension app bundle for kids. Previously released individually, 4 apps that target key reading comprehension skills are included in the bundle at a discounted price.

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Buy Shrink your Debt - Loan Calculator on the App Store

Shrink Your Debt - Loan Calculator - The App to Straighten Your Finances

Leakka today is proud to announce the release of "Shrink Your Debt - Loan Calculator" for iOS. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your level of debt, this app will be of great help. "Shrink Your Debt - Loan Calculator" helps you make the most informed decision possible so that you can get your financial life back on track.

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Buy Magzter – Magazine & Book Store on the App Store

Chhota Bheem & Friends and Krishna come alive on Magzter

Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd (India) signs up with the New York based Magzter to have its comics for children and young adults distributed digitally, worldwide. The world's largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform newsstand and magazine store Magzter brings on-board another well-established, media and publication house from India, Green Gold Comics; further strengthening its digital presence in the country.

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Buy BMI Explorer Pro on the App Store

Reach Your Health and Weight Goals with BMI Explorer Pro 1.0 for iOS

Duo-Pisces today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of BMI Explorer Pro 1.0, their new health and fitness app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. BMI Explorer Pro is designed to be a broader, more complete tool than the original BMI Explorer, which was released earlier in 2014.

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Buy Fruit-Slinger on the App Store

Fruit-Slinger - Wild West Target Practice Available Now on iOS

Introducing Fruit-Slinger, a whimsical Wild West game of target practice. Play as Sheriff Larry the Lemur with a whole arsenal of fruit to sling at moving targets to hone your agility and precision.

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