PaigeeWorld Uses Mini Drawing Contests to Grow Membership of iOS Artists

PaigeeWorld - Manga Anime How to Draw and Share (AppStore Link)
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PaigeeWorld - Manga Anime How to Draw and Share
Developer: Paigee Draw Inc
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There's a reason why PaigeeWorld is a popular drawing application for iOS artists to learn and share their creations — and one of them is the contests. PaigeeWorld has been hosting weekly drawing contests challenging members to start creating. This week PaigeeWorld is hosting the "Fireworks" mini contest, and next week it's Adventure Tme! The "Summer Dreams" contest is still on - the summer dreams contest is a major contest where members can win prizes sponsored by Marvy Uchida and the PaigeeDraw online store.

PaigeeWorld is the newest IOS application developed by PaigeeDraw Inc., and brainchild of 18-year-old Paige Rohrick. PaigeeWorld has seen tremendous growth since its formal release in December 2012 with usage increasing by 25% every month since release. In June alone PaigeeWorld exceeded 1 Million application sessions!

PaigeeWorld is an iOS Social Media application for Artists to meet, learn and share. Artists use PaigeeWorld to submit their art to their followers/fans/friends. PaigeeWorld is a different kind of social media site. Our more experienced users are encouraged to follow and mentor new PaigeeWorld members. Some new members get up to 50 followers in a single day - compare that to the leading art site where members may not get that kind of attention for an entire year.

PaigeeWorld members earn PaigeePoints and PaigeePins. Members earn PaigeePoints by sharing their art, commenting on other members drawings, as well as earning PaigeePins for application accomplishments and contest submissions. PaigeePins are earned by completing application tasks, such as unlocking tutorials or entering contests. The number of PaigeePins members earn show other members how long they have been using the application and how far they have come with their art. Every member on PaigeeWorld also has their own sketchbook. Their sketchbook is the place where all of the content they have uploaded to PaigeeWorld is kept. Sketchbooks are available for everyone to see - it is surprising to see how much improvement a single artist can make in a short period of time!

PaigeeWorld is a community for all ages. Only age appropriate drawings are allowed to be submitted. PaigeeWorld is a safe community for our Members. To keep PaigeeWorld a safe application for all members, PaigeeWorld employs a number of safety mechanisms including moderating art submissions and allowing members to report inappropriate art.

Check out what all the fuss is about. Download PaigeeWorld today, join the contests and come join the fun!

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