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PaigeeWorld - Manga Anime How to Draw and Share (AppStore Link)
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PaigeeWorld - Manga Anime How to Draw and Share
Developer: Paigee Draw Inc
Price: free Download on the App Store

PaigeeDraw Inc. today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of version 2 to its very popular social media art app. Over 285,000 artists use PaigeeWorld: uploading millions of drawings while socializing with all of their friends. PaigeeWorld is a veritable playground for artists of all ages. Users can create profiles, upload their own artwork, "follow" and "like" other artists and collect points that can be used to unlock drawing tutorials. It is an app that is engaging, educational and highly entertaining. Huge improvements have been made to the new version of PaigeeWorld. The new app's updates include:

* Major update of PaigeeWorld
* New Home Page
* New PaigeeCentral
* New Profiles
* More Organized
* New Categories
* New things to share including Cosplay
* New and improved image uploader
* New look
* Over 285,000 artists use PaigeeWorld
* Social Network for artists
* Millions of drawing uploaded
* Fastest growing Social network for artists
* Now Bonus PaigeePoints for logging in daily
* Shares automatically with Facebook and Instagram
* 1000's of tutorials if you need some help - created by some of the best artists on PaigeeWorld.
* Meet friends from around the world
* Now IOS users can also access their account on the web
* Moderators online 24/7 from around the world

"Young artists' groups are generally quite small in a given regional area. PaigeeWorld makes it possible to open those groups up to a world-wide community. Many of our members have traveled to other countries to visit their friends in person. Our app is fostering frienships far and wide." states PaigeeWorld founder and artist, Paige Rohrick.

Paigeeworld is the ultimate hang-out for young artists. It is also a place parents can feel secure allowing their kids to hang out. PaigeeWorld has worked hard to provide a safe environment for artists of all ages. PaigeeWorld is a community that treats inappropriate content and conduct very seriously. Activity is closely monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a full staff of moderators. PaigeeWorld wants to cultivate creativity, imagination and friendships!

PaigeeWorld - How to Draw Manga 2.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. With the release of the new app, PaigeeWorld is well on its way to become the social network for young artists everywhere.

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