Parachuting Frog releases 1800 for iOS

1800 (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Parachuting Frog Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Parachuting Frog today is proud to introduce 1800 v.1.0 for iOS. Use your reactions and timing to gain 1800. A minimalist addictive puzzle game testing your reactions to stop the cursor dead centre, any deviation will have you scoring less and have you coming back for "just one more go". 2 games modes and over 20 levels will have you hooked.

What is being said about 1800:
* "This game is so simple, yet addictive in its own way ... It's like almost taunting you to do better."
* "... it does instill a "one more go" feeling. I've probably said "just one more try" at least 15 times today."
* "... there goes my Saturday. Fantastic stuff."

Nominated for Game of The Week on Touch Arcade and an average 5 star rating across the app store.

How You Play:
The purpose of 1800 is to stop the arrow in the middle of the rectangle. It sounds simple but you will find yourself absorbed into the contemporary design and the addictive gameplay. As the arrow moves back and forth, touch the screen to stop it to achieve the infamous 1800.

Lines add complexity to the scoring. the aim of a single line is to align the arrow and line at the central point doing so will score 1800, not aligning will result in a lesser score. When you have more than one line the goal is to have as small a gap between the two but ensuring the arrow finshes between the them when you touch the screen.

To add greater complexity the further you progress the pace gets quicker and number of lines increase of which the score is calculated to the outer most lines. So make sure that gap is small, or better still all aligned in the middle.

Feature Highlights:
* 20 levels in arcade mode to be unlocked
* Timed mode
* Gain the stars to unlock levels
* Global leaderboards and achievements
* Minimalist design
* Funky music and sound effects

1800 v.1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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