Pariahware, Inc. officially launches the Storemarks iPhone app v1.0

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Developer: Pariahware, Inc.
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Pariahware, Inc., today is proud to announce the official launch of its Storemarks iOS mobile application with the removal of the beta tag. The beta test, launched July 10, 2012, allowed Storemarks members to test the application and provide feedback to Pariahware to ensure the product would be capable of offering a powerful mobile experience. The official Storemarks iOS App v1.0, which runs on iOS 5.0 or newer, is now faster and more efficient than the version introduced during the beta test, and offers enhancements to the user interface and improvements to user features.

Storemarks is a different type of social networking app which allows people to help each other and themselves find products that are difficult to locate when out shopping. With the introduction of its iOS app, members can search for and create locations, typically stores, and then visual "bookmarks" (Storemarks), for themselves and others to use later by taking pictures of the aisle & shelf. Since Storemarks are public other members will be able to find products already entered, and if a Storemark is inaccurate, flag it for removal.

"Unlike other social networks, members are our customers, not the product. We are really excited to be able to remove the beta label off of Storemarks and have more people help each other by creating useful Storemarks. The days of wandering around a store aimlessly will soon be a thing of the past," said Christian Miller, Pariahware President. "More exciting features are planned and we are hard at work so we can bring them to our members."

Storemarks 1.0.3 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. Non-Members can visit Storemarks online for more information.

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