Parodizer app is like a camera-bot that makes parodies

Parodizer - camera app for making funny distorted photo of face (AppStore Link)
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Parodizer - camera app for making funny distorted photo of face
Developer: Ivan Rublev
Price: free Download on the App Store

Ivan Rublev, independent iOS developer, today is proud to release the Parodizer app for iPhone. This camera app allows to make funny faces of yourself, your colleagues or friends. With a dozen parody filters, Parodizer can make for a great parody shot. The resulting image can be shared via email or added as a contact image.

Parodizer marks up faces on camera preview so you can choose an appropriate view. After you tap the smile button a picture is taken, which you then can apply parodies to. Every parody adjusts some parts of face to create a comedy effect.

Noteworthy feature is that every parody have a regulation knob that controls the strength of the effect. This regulation applies in realtime so you can see the changes instantly. Parody image can be shared not only via email but also can be sent to Twitter or Facebook if you have logged in these social networks from your device. There is an option in settings of the app called "Fast images". This option reduces size of outgoing images to about 100KB. This makes such images faster to upload even through cellular link.

It's possible to set parodized photo as somebody's contact image from within the app. When that somebody calls you, the parody will appear, which may make your further conversation pleasant and relaxed.

Full list of supported parodies:
* Smiley
* Kitten-ish
* Amazement
* Shrekish
* Clownish
* Wonder
* Sly
* Concentrate
* Savage
* Pleasure
* Zoomy

"I would like to thank Tamara Batieva, Vladimir Tagakov and Viktor Petrenko personally for creating promo video. Look at it, it's awesome!" - says app's developer Ivan Rublev.

Parodizer 3.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. This free version includes two impressive parodies Smiley and Kitten-ish. Other incredible parodies are available via in-app purchases. Most of them costs $0.99 (USD). There is an option to buy a full pack of 9 parodies with about 25% discount for $8.99.

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