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Elviranett Solutions launch the PartyPlanner Pro to help users for the event planning. The apps is designed for professionals and regular users to plan guest-list, create to-do list, create, and send invites directly from the app, assign tasks to team members and find location. Integrated with Facebook, it strengthens the role of the PartyPlanner Pro as the Event Planner Expert.

Users are required to plan or create events every day, such as the birthday party, company ceremony and so on. Those events include a lot of tasks, for example, plan guest-list, create to-do list, find location, and send invites to your friends. Users need to spend much effort and time in order to complete the tasks on time. Especially for less experienced users, they might miss some important tasks for the planning of activities. For instance, if they missed to plan guest-list, important guests miss the activities. On the other hand, if they missed to create to-do list, they missed some important steps.

Designed for professionals and regular users, the PartyPlanner Pro, acts as a secretary to help you organize events. It can help you to prepare a lot of important tasks, such as find the location of activities, create to-do list, assign tasks, and plan guest-list. Making use of the mobiles, the PartyPlanner Pro can create, and send invites directly from the app. It can even help to synchronize the event to your mobile's calendar, which is convenient to remind users.

In addition to the normal features of event planning apps in the market, the PartyPlanner Pro has some special features. Event preparation is not only done by one person, but shall involve teamwork. The PartyPlanner Pro can help to separate the event into different tasks, and assign tasks to the team members. For instance, if users think that their members are good to plan guest-list, create to-do list or find location, they can assign tasks by sending SMS or email to the members to complete it. By setting reminders, the apps can help to remind members to complete the tasks on time.

The PartyPlanner Pro is a reliable event planning app. Designed for professionals and regular users, it is equipped with an automatic backup. It can help to store the data in different tasks like plan guest-list, create to-do list, assigning tasks, finding location and much more. Therefore, it can prevent users from losing the invaluable event information, and the tasks that are already completed.

As a party-planning expert, user-friendly interface is important to the users. The PartyPlanner Pro is equipped with good user menu and quick navigation approach. They can easily find the icon to plan guest-list, create to-do list, assign tasks, find location and send invites directly from the app. Users spend less time in waiting the loading of the apps. In addition, the PartyPlanner Pro consists a lot of templates, which are ready to use by users subject to installation. It saves much time for users when creating multiple events.

Integrated with Facebook is the important feature of the PartyPlanner Pro. Nowadays, Facebook is an important platform for users to collect with friends. The PartyPlanner Pro helps to import the friends from users' Facebook to the apps. Therefore, it is easy for users to plan guest-list. By creating the events, it helps to publish the events in Facebook and send invites directly from the app. Integrated with Facebook; friends can know the details of the events, such as the location. It can even sync guest statuses from Facebook.

PartyPlanner Pro 3.1 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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