Passtouch: Password-less Web Browsing on the iPad


Passtouch, a Surf City, North Carolina start-up has just launched their first iPad app, a multi-user web browser featuring their patent pending visual sign-in system.

Passtouch Web Browser (AppStore Link)
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Passtouch Web Browser
Developer: Passtouch, LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

"Web browsers are like windows to your entire world, much of which is personal and private," explains Jason Boger, Founder and CEO of Passtouch.. "On the iPad, the browser is often shared. With Passtouch, there's now a secure method of unique identification for anyone accessing the Internet. It's intuitive, regardless of your age, language or culture."

The Passtouch Browser allows multiple users to create private Profiles, each with their own history and bookmarks. Profiles are protected by a single Passtouch signature, no typing required. While browsing, website log-in details can be saved as bookmarks which provide one-touch access to password protected sites.

A Passtouch is made by drawing a continuous, free-form line over the graphical interface. The colors and shapes work like a map, guiding the user as they draw their path. "It's not just another code to remember," said Boger. "It's personal security with a touch of personality." A Passtouch can be drawn entirely free-form, much like a signature, and recall improves over time, thanks to muscle memory.

The first of its kind to feature a password alternative for web site access, the Passtouch Web Browser has been well received internationally and has had downloads in over 70 countries just one week from release. A free and paid version are both available in the iTunes App Store.

"Passwords are an ancient invention and they don't belong on the Internet," says Boger. "It's time for something better."

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