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The Fastest PDF Reader
Developer: Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd today is pleased to announce the release of PDF 1.8.9 for iOS, an update to their universal document viewer app that allows the user to view complex, oversize, and large multi-page PDF documents easily. The app employs proprietary LargeViewer technology to pre-render large, complex or scanned documents for smooth scrolling and zooming.

In addition to managing PDF files of thousands of pages, PDF 1.8.9 can easily handle page sizes as large as 48 x 42 inches. The app includes Dropbox download only connectivity, and can open PDFs found in Mail or Safari, or transferred from iTunes file sharing. Developed specifically to prevent slow-downs and stalls when viewing large PDF files on an iOS device, it has the fastest rendering engine available giving sub-second rendering where other PDF viewers take as long as 8.4 seconds to render the same complex page.

Feature Highlights:
- Accelerated, multi-page PDF file reading
- Pre-rendering allows smooth scrolling and display
- Dropbox file download compatibility
- Responsive sub-second scrolling and zooming through large documents
- Internal and External bookmarking
- Special support for difficult to render scanned books from archive.org
- Rotation & cropping by document or by page
- iOS 5.1 ready

Operation of PDF is simple on all iOS devices, irrespective of screen size or built-in memory. The user may open standard, single-page PDF documents automatically. Even with oversize documents up to or exceeding 48 x 42 inches, there is continuous, smooth scrolling with no tiling effects, no lags, no stutter. Opening thousand page documents happens instantly, no opening lag times.

Highly detailed scanned books from the 1800 found in archive.org are a problem for most other readers but our rendering engine provides sub-second response time bring back the pleasure of reading historically significant books, and with enhanced variable page support it deals with issues when paper pages were crafted and cut by hand, not automated machines.

"PDF documents have become ubiquitous in business, manufacturing, and consumer life" stated Corporate Smalltalk Consulting President, John McIntosh. "Now, with PDF 1.8.9, owners of iOS devices can smoothly display PDF documents of any size or complexity; scroll horizontally or vertically, and zoom in and out with no waiting for drawing to occur."

PDF 1.8.9 is $3.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Review copies are available upon request.

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