PDF Expert 3 brings signatures and embedded media to PDFs on the iPhone

PDF Expert (professional PDF documents reader) (AppStore Link)
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PDF Expert (professional PDF documents reader)
Developer: Igor Zhadanov
Price: free Download on the App Store

Today Readdle releases PDF Expert 3, the new generation of its popular iPhone application to read, annotate PDF documents and even fill in PDF forms. With PDF Expert 3 signing PDF documents becomes possible on the iPhone. The update also brings the ability to add stamps and images to the document, create audio notes and connect to the Microsoft SkyDrive.

Being the best PDF annotation tool available for the iPhone and iPod touch, PDF Expert lets people manipulate PDF files just the way they would do it on the desktop with Adobe Acrobat or similar software. The application makes it possible to go paperless even for such advanced activities as annotating articles or research works, filling in tax or insurance forms, signing agreements and contracts.

The new version allows people to sign PDF documents with their own handwritten signature, making it easier for businesses to get documents signed on the go. Contracts, agreements, statements can be immediately signed and emailed back or shared through the cloud storage. With PDF Expert, lawyers, sales people and real estate agents can easily cut down on the amount of paper they use, saving thousands of dollars annually.

"Traditional way to get documents signed is time consuming, paper wasting and expensive. You print out an agreement or an invoice, get it signed, then scan and email it back. After a few hours, you are wondering if the recipient received it." said Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO. "PDF Expert is a fast, paperless and greener way to get documents signed on the iPhone in minutes, not hours."

PDF Expert 3 is the first application for the iPhone that reads PDF documents with embedded audio and video content, and even allows people to create audio notes right within PDF document. Audio notes offer a convenient alternative to the typed or handwritten counterparts. While typing notes on the iPhone takes much time, audio recording can be created and attached to PDF document in seconds.

Pricing and Availability:
PDF Expert 3 (v3.0) for the iPhone and iPod touch is available exclusively on the Apple App Store at $9.99 to new customers and as a free upgrade for existing users. Enterprise licensing is available on demand.

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