Pen & Ink 3.0 - Beautiful Brushes in a Beautiful New Interface

Pen & Ink: A Watercolor Notebook (AppStore Link)
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Pen & Ink: A Watercolor Notebook
Developer: Stepping Stone Software LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Stepping Stone Mobile today unveiled Pen & Ink 3.0, a major update to their 5-star iPad painting app. With 74 brushes in 6 categories, Pen & Ink now offers the best and most diverse toolset on the App Store, including unique tools like Asian ink wash brushes, a bamboo pen, and a kneaded eraser. The app has been updated with a brand-new look and streamlined workflow, which is both simple to learn and easy to use.

New and distinctive features include:
* A beautiful, all-new interface, with gorgeous brushes and icons
* Innovative peekaboo sliders and pie menus, unique to Pen & Ink
* Six categories of tools, including Ink Wash, Art Markers, Charcoals, Watercolor and more
* Customizable brush trays: create and customize as many tool trays as you like
* Read-only viewing mode: safely hand your iPad to a friend to view your gallery without making a mark

Version 3.0 is a major update, with a complete overhaul of the user interface and huge expansion of the tool set. Pen & Ink features a beautiful new look and workflow as well as new brushes for in-app purchase, including Asian Ink Wash, Art Markers, and Pencils and Charcoals. The app now features a fullscreen mode for viewing a gallery without editing. Swipe left and right on the tooltray to create your own custom sets of brushes. Users can now rotate the drawing surface.

Pen & Ink 3.0 is is free to download and includes 6 free brushes with unlimited notebooks and pages. It is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. The $2.99 "Pro Tools" in-app purchase unlocks additional Pen & Watercolor styles, layers, and custom color palettes. Art Markers, Asian Ink Wash, and Pencil brush packs are available as in-app purchases of $1.99 each.

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